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Thu 21

Load large local Move Woodland Hills to Camarillo

  • Created: Thursday, August 21, 2014

Inside Moves just completed loading a 26,000lb household in Woodland Hills going to Camarillo.

Loaded up the big rig today, a 53foot trailer. The guys got there early despite morning school traffic! This massive household fit on the 53fter and a bobtail. Toby misses driving the big trucks.
The crew carefully padded everything after protecting the floors. They even help to finish up packing up. This is the #1 cause of jobs running over, were all working so hard to find the time to move and pack is becoming a challenge. Packing adds cost your move but will free up your time to do the more important things.
Always remember the value of your TIME vs MONEY!
We are pretty much booked out for the next 10 days, if you need help moving give us a call I have a few hot spots left.
End of the month MOVING MADNESS IS HERE!

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