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Sat 29

Moving Refrigerators and other appliances in Calabasas

  • Created: Saturday, March 29, 2014

Are you moving appliances on your local move in Calabasas? Do you know movers sometimes will disconnect them, but never connect appliances back up?

Often customers think the mover’s job is everything and moving. At Inside Moves if you ever need anything, always ask your crew, were there to help. When it comes to appliances Inside Moves moves them, but hooking them up is a job for the plumber not the mover.

Why??? liability, liability, liability!

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"Both my husband and I agreed, this was THE best move we've had to date!"

Cheryl G.

"I never thought moving furniture would be enjoyable!"

Ted K.

"These guys were Pros! They quickly and carefully loaded our items."

Linda S.
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