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10 Fun Facts to Know Before Moving to Studio City

May 5, 2020

There are various factors to consider before making the big decision of choosing which city to move to in Los Angeles. Whether you are an individual or family looking to move to Studio City, we’ve got you covered. Here’s our list of ten fun facts to know before moving to Studio City using the best moving company in Los Angeles to city life or parks and recreation

1.Basic Facts: 

Studio City Movers,Inside Moves Relocation

If you’re thinking about moving to Studio City, here are some basic facts you need to know. Studio City is located in the San Fernando Valley, Los Angeles, California Known as Laurelwood in the 19th century, today Studio City has a population of 38,237 residents. There are a lot of fun facts to know before moving to Studio City. In terms of size, the Studio City neighborhood is measured to be 6.31 square miles. 

2. Family Fun

Studio City is a great place to start, build, or settle down with your family. There are endless activities for kids in Studio City including places like The Coop where you can celebrate children’s birthday parties in a buy 100 mg ultram online beautiful indoor-outdoor setting. For the whole family, there’s also the great bowling alley Pinz which is both trendy and great for kids of all ages. 

3.Prime Location 

This beautiful city lies near the Santa Monica Mountains and is a wonderful midpoint to spots including Downtown, Beverly Hills and Hollywood. Along with being in a great location to the rest of Los Angeles, Studio City also has its own charm and great location with nature trails and more. Choose affordable movers in Studio City, if you decide to choose this prime location. 

4.Nature Scene

Woman Standing  enjoying nature while hinking Near Studio City

If you love nature, Studio City is a great place to move. One of the most beautiful parks with panoramic views is Wilacre Park. This park also features a hiking trail that starts in the parking lot and ends in a residential street. For just $1, you can hike these stunning paths, take in the views, and work out for about an hour. 

5.Entertainment Central 

Let Studio City movers help you as you get to learn more about its glamorous history. Studio City gets its iconic names as it became the city home to many who worked in the entertainment industry. Stars including George Clooney reside in the gorgeous Studio City Hills. CBS Studio Center, home to some of Charlie Chaplin’s early films is also located here. 

6.Farmers Market

Fresh Vegetables from market in Studio City

A great community aspect in Studio City is the Sunday Farmers Market. Every Sunday from 8 am to 2 pm, you can shop for organic fruits and veggies. Local chefs often have stalls ranging from top-notch coffee, Greek take-out, French pastries, and more. 

7.Schools – Public & Private Education

Whether you’re thinking about public or private schools for your children, Studio City has great options. Harvard-Westlake School which has a campus in Studio City is known for its students’ high acceptance rates into Ivy League colleges and notable alumni including the Gyllenhaal siblings. 

8.Ventura Boulevard

Studio City is home to a large part of Ventura Boulevard. This is a lively strip with an endless pick of juice bars, healthy lunch spots, vintage shops, and more. It’s a fun and bustling street to walk along while you shop and dine. 


Wine in Glass ,Night life party in Studio City

While Studio City has quiet and cozy neighborhoods, it is also home to a great nightlife scene. Depending on your scene, there are intimate wine bars or more upbeat venues where you can dance all night. 


For older couples or individuals, Studio City is a wonderful place to retire. With its lush tree-lined and quiet neighborhoods, many choose to reside and retire here. It is known to have an older population as well, making this a great place for older communities. There are also great senior citizen relocation services in Studio City.

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