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10 Tips To Move Fragile Items Safely

August 18, 2020
Tips to move fragile items safely

One of the most nerve-wracking experiences during a move is the packing of fragile items. It is natural to be considered about them being damaged or broken during the process. As boxes go through a lot of handling you need to take some precautions and extra care for your fragile items. Just to make sure they are safe and secure. It all starts with how you pack them, to begin with. After that the extra care, you take to make sure it is not damaged. Here are some tips to move fragile items safely.

Prepare Before Packing

The first thing you need to do before packing up any of your fragile belongings is to get a rough idea of all the delicate items you have. You can then strategize and plan on how to place them with the other objects. Properly packing fragile items may take time as this should not be rushed. With enough preparation and proper packing your fragile belongings will be safely brought to your new home.

Use Smaller Boxes Never Flimsy Ones

Smaller boxes work better with fragile items as they are easier to handle and less likely for the items to bounce around inside. However, if you are using bigger boxes be sure to fill in any extra space with padding. The thicker the insides the sturdier and better it will be. If the box is even a little flimsy then don’t use it for your fragile items. West Hollywood movers can come to help you with packing if you need any help.

Secure the Bottom of the Box

One of the easiest places for items to slip out from is the bottom of the box. Make sure you keep extra strips of tape underneath to help support the box better. Layer the inside of the box with soft packing material so the item is not damaged. You can use either packing paper or bubble wrap to keep it safe.

Use Dividers for Glasses and Stemware

If you are planning on storing glasses or stemware a good idea is to use dividers to place them inside. People normally try to cut corners to save money and time which is not a good idea with fragile items. You can find the dividers in any shop. This will help the glasses from shifting around and colliding with each other.

Wrap Each Individual Item and Piece

You must remember never to wrap two fragile objects together. Remove any loose pieces such as lids and wrap the object completely. Each part must be wrapped by itself. If the item is very delicate a good option is to use bubble wrap to keep it safe. Each item is put in a separate box would also help in keeping them undamaged. mak e sure to use shock absorbing layers in the empty spaces of the box. During a move, there is a lot of shaking that’s going to be happening.

Use Plenty of Packing Tape And Label

Apart from the fact that you have to use a lot of packing tape and bubble wrap for fragile items another important task is to label all the boxes. This is to make sure you know which boxes are fragile and should be handled with more care than the others. The tape will keep the items from shifting around when you are on the move. Each box labeled fragile will be put securely so that no damage occurs anywhere on it. This is one of the important tips to move fragile items safely.

Take Your Time

One of the most important parts of moving is to take your time and pack slowly and precisely. You need to make sure that every item is safely put into the box and will not shift around during the move. You also have to make sure that any space in the box is filled up. This way during the day of the move you will be less likely to damage any of the fragile items.

Secure Electronics

Electronics are quite expensive as well as fragile so you must keep them safe and secure. As one of your most valuable fragile items back up your devices just in case something happens. Take pictures as well so you know where the wires go once you get to your new home.

Prepare for Unpacking

If you take time packing your boxes and labeling them as well unpacking them once you get to your new home is not a problem. The first thing you do is keep all the fragile items separately and remove them carefully from the boxes. This way you will be able to remove all the items that you have packed safely and avoided any damages to your objects.

Hire A trusted Company

Find a moving company in Los Angeles that you can trust with your fragile items. There are many moving companies out there that take care of your items as their own and move it very carefully. You just need to point out which boxes contain the fragile items and they will be transported to you safely.

So, to avoid any damage and the strain to safely transport your items from one place to another. As well as identify potential issues and prepare in advance. Follow these tips to move fragile items safely. The most important factor will be how you plan and pack your belongings.

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