Important: Updates on our response to the COVID-19 outbreak

15 Tips | How to Move Safely During Covid-19

May 13, 2020

Are you looking for a  Moving Company in Northridge? If you are planning a move during the COVID-19 outbreak or have already secured a move date with a Moving Company, you may want to consider some additional actions to help support a safe move. Below are some practical tips on how to move safely during covid-19 designed to assist you with the move process as you navigate this unchartered territory.  

1.Determine If You Are Allowed to Move

Moving is considered “essential” by the federal government, however, ambien buy now online some localities may have temporarily restricted moving because of Covid-19. Check with your local and state government before you plan to move to make sure there are no restrictions in your case. Once there is no restriction you can get your moving company in Northridge to help you.

2.Reduce Personal Contact

Do as much planning as possible by phone or email, this includes scheduling the move and getting quotes from any professional services for the move. Many larger moving companies are already equipped to perform contactless moving. 

3.Buy all of your supplies in one go

You’re going to want to get it right with just one trip to the store, so make sure you know exactly what you’re going to need for your move.

4.Movers take sanitary measures

You can help the movers by being ready before they arrive. If you are currently in Northridge the Movers in Northridge safely load your belongings on while wearing gloves to avoid any contact with surfaces.

5.Clean as you pack

Use this opportunity to sanitize your belongings, wiping items down with disinfectant. If you don’t have any, you can make one with a solution of one tablespoon bleach to one-gallon water. So you can help your moving company in Northridge to make the process quicker.

6.Finish packing at least 24 hours before the movers arrive

Coronavirus can last a long time on surfaces, including up to 24 hours on cardboard boxes. Your movers will be wearing gloves, but for everyone’s safety, you should still have your boxes packed and levitra oral tablet information sitting untouched at least a day before your movers arrive.

7. Let your mover know right away if you or anyone in your family is experiencing coronavirus symptoms.

Transparency is very important for keeping everybody safe. And in many cases, your movers will still work with you, but they will put additional protocols into place to protect their workers.

8.Provide hygiene products for your movers.

To aid your movers in following necessary hygiene practices, be sure to leave out products that they can use while they transport your items to and from the moving truck.  

9.Don’t use free or recycled moving boxes. 

The coronavirus can live on cardboard for as long as 24 hours, so now is not the time to be picking up free moving supplies from places that are recycling them. 

10. If you’re in a high-risk group, cancel your move if possible.

Individuals over 60 and those with pre-existing respiratory and cardiovascular conditions should reconsider moving if at all possible. 

11. If you have to cancel your moving services, do so earlier rather than later.

The sooner you can let your movers know that you no longer need their services, the better. If you’re not officially canceling your move yet but do want to know what the procedure will be in the event that you have to, that’s another reason to contact your movers directly and go over the details.

12.If traveling for your move, plan accordingly.

Make refundable reservations and/or only work with companies that offer free cancellations. Ask about cancellation policies before you book so that you don’t end up wasting money later on.

13.Utilize storage space

Storage companies are still open and operating. Taking advantage of storage spaces allows you to store non-essential items in order to reduce the number of items being moved.

14. Consider Built-in Storage As A Backup Plan If Things Change.

Even with routine moves, move-in and move-out dates frequently shift. You may want to consider using a portable container that offers built-in storage options either on your property or at a secure storage center to keep your belongings safe and out of the way.

15.Take a deep breath and take care of yourself

Before you know it, you will be safe in your new home. Reduce your stress by taking deep breaths and taking care of your health. Keep a CDC checklist with you at the ready. Stressing out during your move could take a toll on your immune system.

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