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17 Famous People That Call Encino, CA Home

March 13, 2020

California has always been home to the rich and famous from all over the world. Each part of Los Angeles has its own little chunk of famous people that either calls their city home or called their city home while they were with us. If you’re considering moving to Los Angeles with the help of some Encino movers or you’re just curious, you might wonder who you share your city with or who used to call it home. 

Johnny Cash

90 million records sold and a member of 3 different musical halls of fame (Country, Rock and Roll, and Gospel Music) Johnny Cash needs no introduction. Just mentioning a burning ring of fire is enough to invoke his music in the minds of millions. He was well known for his incredibly deep voice that gave his music a unique character. He rose to prominence in Memphis, TN, during the 1950s but ended up calling Encino California his home. He died in Nashville, TN in 2003 from complications with diabetes. 

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Samuel L Jackson
Samuel L Jackson

Samuel L Jackson is someone that you have almost certainly seen on TV or at the movies before. He’s incredibly prolific, starring in over 150 films to date and still going strong. He’s been in numerous high profile franchises from Star Wars to the Marvel Cinematic Universe and so much more. He’s even been nominated for an academy award for his work in the 1994 film Pulp Fiction. None of this includes his work on TV or in other forms of entertainment media. Beyond acting, Samuel L Jackson has also made a name for himself as a producer in the movie industry. Encino is where he lays his head and the place he calls home. Aurogra

Ron Howard

Encino is also home to Ron Howard. His career started as Opie on the Andry Griffith show, and from there, he would grow up to be involved in the movie business. He would get a starring role in American Graffiti, and that kickstarted his adult career. His leading role in happy days helped make him a household name before he left to pursue work behind the camera. He directed several films, but the two most notable from clomid united kingdom online this time were A Beautiful Mind and Apollo 13, the former winning academy awards for Best Picture and Best Director. He went on to be the co-chairman of a production company called Imagine Entertainment. 

Ice Cube

O’Shea Jackson is much more commonly known as Ice Cube. He’s a prolific, Singer, Songwriter, actor, and entrepreneur. He started as a member of the group C.I.A but that group later disbanded when N.W.A was formed. That’s where Ice Cube rose to prominence as the groups lead performer and songwriter. He’s often credited as being the founder of Gangsta Rap and pushing the boundaries of mainstream music. Beyond the N.W.A he had a successful solo career with two albums that both made platinum certification. He’s often lauded as one of the best rappers of all time. 

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Lisa Kudrow
Lisa Kudrow

Lisa Kudrow is well regarded as the titular Phoebe from the 90s landmark sitcom Friends. She’s won multiple awards for her performance throughout the show’s runtime, including a Screen Actors Guild Award and Golden Globe award. Since Friends, she’s continued to be a force in the movie and television industry, with her films having made over $2 billion at the worldwide box office. She also became a successful TV producer for TLC with her show Who Do You Think You Are. It garnered critical success, racking up five Prime-Time Emmy nominations. 

Martin Lawrence

A successful standup comedian and actor, Martin Lawrence is well known on the big screen for his performances in Bad Boys, and Big Mommas House, and others. On the small screen, Martin Lawrence found himself heading up Def Comedy Jam as the host, a show which gave a platform to many comedians who would go on to make big impacts on the entertainment and comedy worlds. He headed up his own show called Martin for Fox that ran for several years. He’s still going strong, staring in the long-awaited sequel to Bad Boys 2, Bad Boys For Life. The movie was a box office success, making over $112 million in its first 4 days.  Xanax generic.

Logan Paul

Logan Paul is the youngest celebrity on this list, and the most unconventional. Unlike other celebrities that found his fame through Sports, music, or TV, Logan Paul found his fame on the internet. He initially gained a following by making Vines but then expanded to youtube, where he is currently one of the most prolific and controversial creators on the platform. Beyond being an internet personality, Logan Paul is a recording artist, actor, business owner, and, most recently, a professional fighter. None of this has kept the controversy away from him. His most controversial moment was when he filmed and joked about the corpse of a deceased man whose body Logan Paul found in Japan. 

Tom Petty

Here we have an American Singer/Songwriter Tom Petty. He’s sold over 80 million records worldwide, making him one of the most successful singer/songwriters in music history. He’s most well known for his time with Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers, a band formed in 1976. Beyond that group, he also made his way as a solo artist and was quite successful. Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers were inducted into the Rock and Roll Music Hall of Fame in 2002. Tom Petty, unfortunately, passed away in 2017 due to an accidental overdose on prescription medication. 

John Travolta

John Travolta needs little introduction. He’s an American actor, singer, and dancer that made it big with movies like Saturday Night Fever and Grease. He was one of the youngest actors ever to receive a nomination for the best actor Oscar at only 24 years old. After that, his career would take a downturn until the 1994 film Pulp Fiction granted him commercial and critical success again. From there, his career would be full of hits and misses alike, while still remaining a household name as his performances are always interesting. 

John Wayne

Here’s a name you know even if you’ve never seen one of the films. Odds are that your father or grandfather loved his westerns and movies that he starred in, directed, and produced throughout his career. He starred in over 140 movies throughout his career and was the exact definition of an A-list actor. John Wayne is still the face of American Westerns even this long after his death. He’s left a mark on American movies and the entertainment industry as a whole. Wayne even racked up two Best Actor wins for his performances in All the Kings Men and True Grit. He unfortunately passed in 1979 at the age of 78. 


Saul Hudson, better known to the world as Slash, is widely regarded as one of the best guitarists in the world. He’s a British-American musician and lead guitarist for Guns and Roses, the band which gave him worldwide success throughout the 80s and 90s. Beyond Guns and Roses, he also released solo albums, and Time Magazine named him one of the 10 best electric guitarists in the world in 2009. In 2012 he was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame as one of the original members of Guns and Roses. He’s still quite active in the music community, even touring with Myles Kennedy and The Conspirators. They released an album in 2018, and to this day, Slash calls Encino home. 

Steve Vai 

A three-time Grammy award winner, Steve Vai is an acclaimed composer, singer, songwriter, and guitarist. His music career started when he was 18 as a transcriptionist to Frank Zappa, and he played in Frank Zappa’s band from 1980-1983. After that, he made his own way in the industry. He made his first solo album Flex-able in 1984. He’s been described as a highly individualistic player. He was voted as the 10th best guitar player by Guitar World Magazine. Throughout his career, he sold over 16 million records. 

Mickey Rooney

He was an American actor, among other things. His career spanned 9 decades, acting in both silent films and talkies. He starred in over 300 films during his career, and it keeps him a recognizable name, even after his death in 2014. He made his film debut at 6 years old in the film Vaudeville. He was the first teenager to be nominated for an Oscar for his performance in Babes in Arms. He continued to propel himself forward, never losing the momentum across his expansive career. He was one of the best-paid actors in the business at his height in the 30s and 40s. 

David Hasselhoff 

The Hoff is an American actor and businessman who set the Guinness World record for “Most Watched man on TV.” He gained recognition on Young and the reckless but really broke through with a leading role on the hit show Baywatch. That series would be spun off into several films, most of which David Hasselhoff starred in. He even produced the last few seasons of the shows tv run. He’s also the first actor to portray Nick Fury. Samuel L Jackson wasn’t first as the Hoff played him in the television movie Nick Fury: Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D. Now he’s a businessman and a public speaker. 

Dave Grohl
Dave Grohl

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Dave Grohl

Anyone that likes 90s music knows the name, Dave Grohl. He was the drummer for the infamous group Nirvana, and he later went on to found Foo Fighters after the tragic suicide of Nirvana frontrunner Kurt Cobain. Despite the acclaim he received with Nirvana, it wouldn’t be until Foo Fighters that Grohl became a household name. His writing and singing contributed to the group’s unique style. He’s still very much at work with Foo Fighters, the band having released an album in 2017, and they’re still touring to this day. He’s even been a guest on Saturday Night Live over 13 times. He’s a household name and one of the most famous musicians in rock and roll. 

Dana Carvey 

Dana Carvey was one of the most well-known names to come out of Saturday Night Live. His time there saw him rack up 5 Prime-Time Emmy nominations. He went on to co-star in Wayne’s World and Wayne’s World 2, cementing himself as a household name in the process. He stared in a short-lived show for ABC The Dana Carvey Show, a show that didn’t do well but did launch the careers of Steve Carrell and Stephen Colbert. After that, he stepped out of the limelight to focus on family, having only appeared in a few comedies since. He still works as a comedian, having filmed a Netflix comedy special in 2016. For the most part, though, he’s a family man through and through with Encino California behind him. 

Edgar Rice Burroughs

Tarzan is what he’s known for throughout the world. Edgar Rice Burroughs was a prolific American Author responsible for Tarzan and John Carter. His former ranch is now the center and namesake for the city of Tarzana. He moved back to Encino later on in his life after having left many years prior for career-related reasons. He was inducted into the Science-Fiction Hall of Fame in 2003. 


Encino has been home to many more than just these people, although they’ve all helped to make the city what it is today. If you’re in Encino, then you can see where they’ve decided to lay their heads or the places they called home when they were alive. Encino is home to many famous people, and even more, that is important because each resident is important. Each of them makes up the community, and with the help of Encino movers, you can be a part of that. 

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