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What Is Woodland Hills Best Known For?

May 19, 2020

Woodland Hills is an upscale neighborhood located on the edge of the Santa Monica Mountains in the San Fernando Valley of northern Los Angeles. Woodland Hills is bordered by Calabasas, Tarzana, Topanga and is a short hop from the famous beaches of Malibu. It’s lush, green and a great place to hike, bike, enjoy nature, and update your wardrobe. Whether your interest is shopping or the outdoors, Woodland Hills has activities and attractions that can provide a fun, entertaining experience. On Ventura Boulevard there are lively bars and gastropubs with delicious food and live music, making Woodland Hills a unique, vibrant destination in the Valley.

The scenic Woodland Hills area is tucked between other recreation-friendly neighborhoods within the Valley, including Calabasas, Tarzana, and Topanga. It’s also only a short distance away from the county’s best beaches, particularly in Malibu. 


Image of Woodland Hills City,Movers In Woodland Hills CA


1.Family-Friendly Amenities 

Woodland Hills is tranquil with tree-lined residential streets and plenty of green spaces, ideal for families interested in suburban living. For kid-friendly fun, simply head to De Soto Avenue and enjoy a variety of attractions from GlowZone and trampoline arenas to mini-golfing and laser tag. Residents with children also enjoy going to the Woodland Hills’ free Concerts on the Green at Warner Park, held every Sunday evening from June through August. Residential Movers in Woodland Hills can help you with your process of moving in anytime you want. The park itself features a children’s playground, a bandshell, and various picnic areas. All in all, there’s never a shortage of fun family-oriented activities in the neighborhood. Easily the best outdoor mall in the Valley, the Village is really more than your typical “mall”. It’s a family-friendly destination with fountains and net-enclosed climbing structures for the kids, shaded walkways, fun, and cozy outdoor seating, outdoor and yoga classes that enhance the typical shopping and dining experience of a mall. Beyond the anchors of Costco, Crate & Barrel and (my favorite outdoor store) REI, most of the shops in the center are more boutique than big-box, including Cava (fast delicious food), Bitter Root Pottery, Joey KItchen, Yogaworks, and XOC Tequila Grill, and Sur La Table.


2.Ventura Boulevard

For many Woodland Hills residents, Ventura Boulevard is considered the main artery of the community. Historically part of San Fernando Valley’s El Camino Real, Ventura Boulevard has formed its own distinct identity in recent years, making quite a name for itself. This popular main street is well known in the Valley because it cuts through the middle of the region, from Studio City to Woodland Hills, totaling 13 miles in length. For many locals and tourists alike, Ventura Boulevard is where to go when on the prowl for quality restaurants, boutiques, luxury housing, and small businesses. Pedestrian-friendly and convenient, many residents can also get their daily errands accomplished on Ventura.


3.Recreation and Beach Amenities

Since this scenic neighborhood is located between both the mountains and the beaches of Malibu, locals in Woodland Hills have many recreation and beach amenities to choose from.

Daytime getaways to the beach are very possible for the Woodland Hill local since the neighborhood is much closer than other Los Angeles neighborhoods. Some of the area’s most frequented beaches include Point Dume State Beach, El Matador State Beach, Paradise Cove Beach, and Broad Beach. Woodland Hills is home to the Woodland Hills Country Club, a private equity golf club. The country club is complete with a golf course, fine dining, and entertainment options.

The Warner Center Park, also known as Warner Ranch Park, is located in Woodland Hills. The park, unstaffed and unlocked, has a children’s play area and picnic tables. Serrania Park in Woodland Hills is an unstaffed, unlocked pocket park. It has a children’s play area, hiking trails, and picnic tables. Alizondo Drive Park in Woodland Hills is an unstaffed, unlocked, and undeveloped park used for brush clearance once per year. Along the western boundary of Woodland Hills is the large Upper Las Virgenes Canyon Open Space Preserve, a regional park with a trail network for miles of hiking, mountain biking, and equestrian rides. The trailhead and parking area at the very western end of Victory Boulevard in Woodland Hills. Scheduled walks and programs are offered. The Santa Monica Mountains National Recreation Area has various parks nearby to the south of the community. The Top of Topanga Overlook gives panoramic views of the verdant Woodland Hills neighborhoods and the Valley.

The Woodland Hills Recreation Center (Shoup Park) is a 19-acre park in Woodland Hills. The park has a small indoor gymnasium without weights and with a capacity of 300; it may be used as an auditorium. The park also has a lighted baseball diamond, outdoor lighted basketball courts, a children’s play area, a lighted football field, picnic tables, a lighted soccer field, and lighted tennis courts. Woodland Hills Pool is an outdoor seasonal unheated swimming pool. Outdoor enthusiasts love being near the neighborhood’s recreational spaces as well, from Upper Las Virgenes Canyon Open Space Reserve to Topanga Overlook, there are plenty of scenic views and vistas, hiking trails, picnic areas, and other activities available. 


4.Woodland Hills Real Estate

Woodland Hills residents include modest homebuyers and celebrities alike, both of whom are looking to settle down in the tranquil community. The real estate inventory reflects this mix, with both flashy estates and more humble abodes available. If you are setting up an office within your house or a separate building you can call the Office Movers in Woodland Hills for assistance and they will help you in the process. 

Homes located north of the Ventura Freeway tend to be new-construction condos and properties with higher price tags. However, homebuyers can still find a variety of single-family homes with garages situated south of the freeway. Overall, homes in this neighborhood come in a variety of styles, prices, and sizes, but the median sale price of a home in Woodland Hills is in the high $700s, according to neighborhoods.com data. 



In 2008 the population of Woodland Hills was approximately 63,000. The median age in 2000 was 40, considered old when compared to other city and county jurisdictions.

In population, it is one of the least dense neighborhoods in Los Angeles, and the percentage of white people is high for the county. The percentage of residents 25 and older with four-year college degrees is 47.0%, which was high for both the city and the county. The percentage of veterans, 10.7% of the population, was high for the city of Los Angeles and high for the county overall. The percentage of veterans who served during World War II or Korea was among the county’s highest.

Woodland Hills is known for having some of the warmest weather in the entire San Fernando Valley, with temperatures often reaching well into the triple digits during the heat of summer. In contrast, it can often be the coolest place in the winter and is classified as having a Mediterranean climate. Speaking demographically, Woodland Hills is almost 80% White, with Asians making up another 7%, and African Americans garnering about 12%. The rest is a fairly even mix of Pacific Islanders, African Americans, and Native Americans. Woodland Hills is a heavily suburban community with many interconnected neighborhoods. It sports a recreation center at Shoup Park, which is 19-acres in size and has a number of facilities, including an indoor gymnasium/auditorium, a lighted baseball diamond, outdoor lighted basketball, and tennis courts, a lighted soccer field, a children’s play area, a football field, and an outdoor, seasonal swimming pool. Serrania Park is a local pocket park with a children’s play area, picnic tables, and hiking trails. If you want a little more adventure, you can head to the Upper Las Virgenes Canyon Open Space Preserve, a regional park along the western boundary of Woodland Hills, which has an extensive trail network for hiking, mountain biking, and horseback rides. A trip to the top will reward you with a panoramic view of Woodland Hills and the surrounding areas.

Much of the housing in Woodland Hills is centered around Topanga Canyon Boulevard, which runs from the northern tip of the neighborhood all the way to its southern border. Many of these residences are single-family homes interspersed with mid-sized condominium complexes. The northwest region near Woodlake Avenue hosts a large selection of four-bedroom houses with spacious lots. If you do plan on moving to woodland hills get help from the Woodland Hills Movers.


6.Trejo’s Cantina

“Machete” makes some mean tacos. Yes, that Machete. Dan Trejo, of badass film fame. And by ‘mean’, I mean fantastic. Much more gourmet than your typical taco stand, even the vegetarian options are incredible. And the salsa is creamy goodness. Guacamole and chips feature guac sprinkled with pistachios and the chips are sprinkled with lime zest. Go once, and you’ll go back for more.


7.Lodge Bread

Having a nearby bakery that makes good bread is a must for me. Thank goodness for the arrival of Lodge Bread at the Village Country Mart. Offering a selection of hand-sliced bread, homemade butter, and mouth-watering pastries, toasts, sandwiches, and flatbreads, Lodge Bread was the best thing to happen along Ventura Boulevard in 2019. still excellent menu of coffee, toasts, sandwiches, and flatbreads. And although you can get a fine cup of coffee there was well, just a couple of doors down from them is Blue Bottle Coffee.


8.The Local Peasant

The Local Peasant is a local American gastropub with chef-driven comfort food and locally-sourced beer, wine, produce, and handcrafted cocktails made by expert bartenders. Located on Ventura Boulevard, the bar includes over 20+ tap beers, as well as an array of bottled microbrews. The sort of place that offers an atmosphere where families and neighbors can feel comfortable to gather for a drink or stay for dinner.


9.Pickwick Pub

If you enjoy a fun British pub and appreciate a broad menu, put this on your list. In addition that includes staples like fish and chips, bangers and mash, they also include a good selection of Indian dishes. And, of course, a great selection on draft. Acoustic ’80s and trivia nights add to the fun. Speaking of trivia, Pickwick served as the filming location of Poor Richard’s Pub, the favorite hang-out of the Dunder Mifflin team of colleagues from The Office. 


10.Blinkie’s Donut Emporium

Gotta get here early, or the shelves will be empty. That’s about as solid evidence one can offer to support the widespread opinion that these are the best donuts in the area.


11.Boething Treeland Farms

For over six decades Boething Treeland Farms has been refining their collection of trees and plants and offering deeply knowledgeable customer service to their customers. Their growers include certified professionals in all fields of plant science who have been educated both in the classroom and the field, bringing a variety of experience and knowledge to their team.


12.Blue Jam Café

At Blu Jam Café, they have no freezers. That’s right, they serve only the freshest food, locally sourced food. You won’t find anything with corn syrup or artificial flavors. As they say: “if we can’t pronounce it, we won’t serve it.”



This is not your drab old-school bowling alley. “Sunday Funday”, “Monday Mayhem”. The names offer a clue that this is an exciting, hang-out all night, party kind of bowling alley offering something for everyone, whether you go for a corporate outing, a kids party, or a social event. 



With over 20 years of making delicious traditional dishes with recipes from the North and the South of India, it’s not a surprise this family-owned restaurant has been recognized by the LA Times & Daily News as the best Indian restaurant in southern CA. 

Many residents enjoy Woodland Hills’ tranquil, quiet, and suburban vibe, so there isn’t much nightlife for residents unless they travel to neighboring Valley communities. Since the neighborhood is located near the popular Ventura Freeway, many residents express concern about traffic congestion, especially now that the community is turning into the next shopping mecca of the Valley.