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3 Moments that Encapsulate the Moving Experience

January 13, 2020

When you hear about people moving often they list the same type of experiences. There are going to be a few moments that typify the entirety of the experience. Just these little microcosms of everything that’s currently happening around you and that makes for perfect little symbols of how you feel at the time. That’s what we’ll be highlighting. We’ll be looking at those little moments where you just realize that everything about moving is summed up in this simple action like hiring movers in Woodland Hills, CA

Family walking with baby,Movers in Woodland Hills.

The Night Before

This is one of the most emotional parts of moving. It’s the night before everything is packed up in the truck. You’re standing in the boxes, and the reality of what’s about to happen the next day hits you like a ton of bricks. You’re about to leave it all behind, everything at your home. How it emotionally impacts you is probably different. I had an anxiety attack and my mind was racing about how I could just call the whole thing off. Sike, it was all a clever ruse. I was never really moving away, just taking an inventory of my things. Now let’s unpack and forget all of this nonsense. buying ultram Maybe for you, it’s something else. You might be excited, the last time you have to set foot in this place is tomorrow. Maybe you don’t feel anything. It’s your fourth move in 4 years. Who cares? It’s just another place, right? It’s different for everyone but this is an experience I’m willing to bet most of you who have moved had. That, or I’m just a sentimental ball of panic. 

It’s a moment that strikes everyone different and that’s why it’s on this list. Moving is a challenge for some and easier for others. This moment may be the telling point for you. 

Arriving At The New Place

When you first arrive at your new home it’s often exciting and you’re ready to get unpacking. Maybe the moving truck is a few days behind and tonight is going to be pallets in the living room. Either way, it’s new and it’s exciting. You get to really be in your new space. There’s something about standing in the empty room and really feeling the space. It’s your space. This may have an impact on you or it may not. depending on when you’re moving things in, it could be an extended moment or a shorter one. It’s everything moving is in that little moment. It’s exciting, new, and something different. 

Unpacking The Last Box

The final part of moving is when you take the last thing out of the last box, and leave it on the shelf. You close the box and take a breath. You’re done. You’ve now finished moving in and it’s all over. the entire process has been completed and now there’s nothing left. You just have to start living again. Here you’ll feel relieved but you might also feel some sadness if you enjoy the process. It’s the final step and once it’s done it’s done. The movers in Woodland Hills, CA have left, and it’s up to you to make a life for yourself.

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