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3 Things You Must Have On Your Moving Checklist | Moving Company Los Angeles

May 7, 2019

Creating a moving checklist is an essential part of the moving process. You do not want to go on without one. Your life during that time will be an absolute nightmare if you don’t put together a checklist to keep everything in line. I know this from experience and it’ll be important when you hire a moving company, Los Angeles.
So now that you’ve put it together there are certainly a few things that absolutely need to be on there. These list ideally are not just for the final day or just a running inventory. These lists should run back a few weeks before you actually make good on the plan and move. Here are a few essentials that should absolutely be on your list in order to have the best move possible.

Image of moving box full of books, Inside Moves Relocation

1. Declutter

This should be done early on. Look at everything you own and really ask yourself if you need this. If you don’t it’s safe to say that you can reasonably donate it to a thrift store or sell it. There’s no reason to keep clutter around during this process and if you’ve just needed an excuse to get rid of a few things, then this is a good one.
When you start to pack everything away not having to deal with pointless clutter will be a great help, not just to you but to everyone involved. It will also save you money in the long run as well because you’re not going to waste packing material or time on packing clutter. There’s also the chance of selling some of it in order to make some money from your junk along the way. At the very least you can write it off as a charitable donation on your taxes if you give it to a thrift store.

2. Set A Budget

This should be among the first items on your checklist and absolutely needs to be the first of the items to be completed. It’s incredibly important to set a budget early and stick to it. If you command your money you won’t be at the whim of your wallet. Set your budget and stick to it.
If you set a budget but don’t stick to it (or just don’t create a budget) it’s likely that you’ll go over budget. Then where will you be? Stuck in the middle of a big move with no money and no way to finish what you started. Even if you manage to get more money it still has to come from somewhere. Either someone will be expecting it back or your saving took a hit. It’s not a good situation to be and can easily be avoided by setting a realistic budget and sticking to it.

3. Create an Open First Box

When you finally move into your new home or apartment there will be boxes stacked absolutely everywhere and if you’re like me it’ll be marked with the nebulous “stuff” category and you won’t know where anything is. This is why you need the essentials in a box that is separate from everything else so that you can reach the stuff you need. This will be a massive help when you actually get to your new home.


There’s a lot of other stuff that needs to be on your moving checklist. Moving isn’t easy but keeping the checklist around and sticking to it will be invaluable in your efforts to make moving as pain-free as possible. Whether or not you’re moving by yourself or with a moving company, Los Angeles, there’s no reason to find yourself lost and overwhelmed when it’s time to move.

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