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31 Tips: How To Pack For A Move

March 11, 2020

Moving day is coming, and you’re probably not as ready for it as you think you are. It doesn’t have to be as difficult a task as it might seem on the surface. There are shortcuts and other things that you can do that make the entire undertaking that much easier on you and on everyone else. These are some of the easy things that you can do to take some of the stress out of your move. 

1. Pick the Right Day

Picking the right day is essential to making your move as easy as possible. Sometimes the actual moving date is beyond our control, but you should choose a day and a time of the month that works for you. If possible, move in the middle of the month because it’s cheaper that way. 

2. Build a To-Do -ist

There’s going to be a lot going on and a lot that you can quickly lose track of during the actual move. If you don’t have a list built before that day, it’s going to be easy to find yourself completely overwhelmed by everything that’s going on, and you’ll miss some things. Build the list beforehand and go over it to make sure you don’t miss anything. 

3. Original boxes are best for electronics

If you have a nice TV or other electronics, the best way to pack it is with the original boxes. These devices are fragile, and the original box and packing material were built to transport it safely. If you have the original on hand, it’s best to use it. If you don’t, then just be sure to pack it securely. 

4. Have a donate pile

You probably won’t take everything with you. Moving is a great time to declutter and finally get rid of some junk. There are more than a few thrift stores and other places that will be happy to take any donations you want to give. You can also let any friends that are helping you move have first pick at the pile. There’s never going to be a better time to get rid of things than right now. 

5. Plan your meals before two weeks before you move

The closer you get to the move, the less space you’re going to have for food. Perishables and other food are probably not going to take up space when you move, and you have to plan on what you need to cook. If you don’t have the luxury of eating out before you move, be sure to plan carefully. 

6. Stop buying groceries a week before you move

Feeding from the last point. You don’t want to waste space or have to throw out food. Plan carefully and stop buying groceries around a week before you move. Eat the last of the food you have or donate whatever is left over when it’s all said and done. 

7. Update your address two weeks beforehand

There are a lot of different places that require your address. It’s best to go ahead and have your mail moving to the new home a couple of weeks before you move. This will also help ensure that you don’t accidentally miss a company and have sensitive information sent to an old address. 

8. Make copies of important papers

We’ve all heard the stories about people losing items during moves. It happens whether we like it or not. That’s why you need to make copies of your most important papers. If they get damaged, lost, or destroyed in the process, you’ll be thankful you have a copy. Even digital copies are viable. Just make sure you have them on hand, even if you have movers and packers

9. Take Photos after You Move Out

This is for the renters out there. Your security deposit is a big deal, and you deserve to get it all back if you were a good tenant. By taking photos of the space after you’ve moved out, you give yourself an added layer of protection against landlords who will either make things up or use any excuse to get a little more money out of you. Protect yourself. 

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10. Ask retailers for gently used boxes

You’re going to need boxes to pack with, and they’re more expensive than you might think they are when you start moving, but there’s no reason to buy new if you don’t have to. Local retailers all throw away boxes daily. You can go to them and ask if you can have their gently used boxes. Most people are okay with you taking them. 

11. Pack hanging clothes in trash bags while they’re hanging

This is something you see out of people who have moved several times. This creates easy packing and unpacking. While your clothes are still hanging, put them in a trash bag and tie the top (with the hanging hooks still on the outside of the bag). This makes it very easy to unpack because all you have to do is hang them and remove the bag. 

12. Use Suitcases and Trash Cans as boxes

Just because it’s not a box doesn’t mean you can’t put things in it. Moving is a game of space, and you need to use everything you have available. Suitcases, hampers, and trash cans take up a lot of space, and that space inside them shouldn’t go to waste. Make the most of your move and use them as boxes. 

13. Label Everything

Every box you pack should have a label of some kind or another. Even if a system that you develop, use something. Keep them all labeled and save yourself an immense amount of time in the unpacking process. If you don’t label the boxes, you’ll end up having to open each of them to figure out what’s in it before it comes off the truck. 

14. Keep Inventory 

Items get lost in the move all the time. Yours shouldn’t get lost, and keeping an inventory can help you ensure that everything makes it to the final destination. With an inventory, you can know exactly what was loaded onto the truck and what was unloaded. Keep track of everything with an inventory. 

15. Number the Boxes

If you’re taking inventory of what’s in each box, there’s no reason not to take it to the next level. Put numbers on each of your boxes and write down what’s in each box. That way, when you’re unpacking and need to find something, you’re not digging through boxes all day. With this system, you’ll know exactly what’s in each box without having to open them up and dig around. 

16. Small boxes for heavy items

There’s nothing worse than a heavy box full of books that is huge. That’s because the box not only gets heavier (you put more stuff in it), but it’s also more awkward and difficult to carry. Use smaller boxes to move heavy items if possible. It makes them easier to carry, and your box is less likely to collapse under the weight. 

17. Space bags for clothes

Your clothes and other fabrics take up more space than you realize. That’s because there’s actually a lot of space between the fibers. When you’re moving space is already at a premium. You can fit more items into the same space with space bags. You put your clothes in and then vacuum out the air. This makes your clothes much more compact and easy to pack. 

18. Load boxes from the same room together

When you’re packing, it’s essential that you also plan for the unpacking process. If you don’t, then you’re going to have a terrible time when you actually arrive at the new house. Pack the truck in a way you’ll want to unpack. A large part of this is to pack the boxes going to the same room together. This makes everything easy to breakdown, and you can tackle each room one room at a time. 

19. Fill pots and pans with Spices and Other Kitchen Items

We’ve said it once, and we’ll say it again. Space is at a premium when you’re moving. There’s no sense wasting any space you have, and an often overlooked source of space is inside the pots and pans that you’re packing away. While most of your foods will be eaten by the time you move, spices though, are another story altogether. You can save some space by storing them in pots and pans during the journey. Don’t let that space go to waste. 

20. Defrost your fridge a day early

When you start to get ready, you need to clean out the refrigerator. That means pulling everything out and cleaning it thoroughly. Be sure not to leave any moisture behind when you clean it out. Unplug the refrigerator and leave the doors open so that it can dry out properly. Many moving companies won’t move a fridge that hasn’t been defrosted. So do it properly and ensure that you don’t create a breeding ground for mold and other nasty things. 

21. Rubber bands to keep bedroom doors open

Doors have a bad habit of closing behind you, and you’ll have to keep opening the doors, and it’s quite tricky when you have an arm full of boxes. You can get around this without a doorstop by wrapping a rubber band around both sides of the knob so that the band runs over the latch part that goes into the doorframe. It’ll help you keep the doors open and make your life easier. 

22. Stack plates vertically like records

The worst thing is when you get to your new place, you open the box of plates, and they’ve shattered in the box. It’s not fun, and you’ll have to buy new ones. The easiest way to ensure that they have a safe ride is to pack them like records with padding of some kind between them. Stack them vertically, and you’ll have a much easier time than you otherwise might with less chance of them breaking. 

23. Saran Wrap toiletries to prevent spilling

When you’re packing soap and other liquids like cleaning supplies, there’s always the chance they bust open during the travel, and then you’ve got a problem. That’s just part of it, but it’s not a part you have to live with. Take the lip off and put saran wrap over the top and then put the lid back on. This mimics the original factory seal and makes you safer. 

24. Snack bags are your friend

Keep some Ziploc bags handy during your move. When you disassemble things like TV mounts, shelves, or other furniture, you’ll end up with a lot of little parts. You’ll need to make sure you don’t lose them, and that’s where the snack bags come in. Put all of the little screws and parts in it, close the bag, and tape it to the corresponding piece so that you know what goes with what. 

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25. Have easy food available for moving day

You’re going to be hungry when you actually start to move. It’s hard work, and you’ll need to eat. If you have the luxury of being able to eat out or order a pizza, that might be the best option for you. If you don’t, then you need to i want order xanax online have easy to prepare meals ready to go so that you can make them and get back to work. If you don’t plan, you’ll end up spending money you don’t have or stuck without being able to cook. 

26. Have a snack bin

Moving is hard work. If you’re relying on the help of family or friends to move and not Woodland Hills movers, then you’ll have to make sure they’re well-fed and ready to go. That means having a snack bin for them to dig into throughout the day. Keep it stocked with water, sodas, chips, and granola bars. Whatever they like, try to have it. Everyone will be grateful. 

27. Have an overnight bag

You’re not going to want to unpack everything the day you arrive. You’ll have a lot of boxes around the house, and it’ll be good for you to have an overnight bag ready to go. If you don’t, then you’ll be forced into unpacking and digging around in boxes you may not feel like dealing with after a long day of moving. 

28. Keep valuables like social security card on your person

There are a few things you just can’t trust in the moving truck. Important papers like social security cards are just an example. If those were to get lost in the move, it could have significant ramifications for your life. It’s just better to have them on your person where you know they’re safe and sound. 

29. Have an open first box that’s obvious

You should know which box is the first one to open. This will be a box that has essentials for the rest of the move and the new house. These are things like phone chargers and other essentials. It’s usually best to have it in an easy to see clear plastic bin. Not only will it stand out among the cardboard, but you’ll be able to see inside without having to open it up. 

30. If you’re renting, take pictures of the new home before you move anything in

For renters, you probably put down a rather large security deposit. You need to have your own evidence to make sure you get it back. Some landlords are less than scrupulous and will try to pass off damage that was there when you moved in as damage caused by you. With pictures, you can protect yourself. Take photos of the place and take pictures of any damage that you find before everyone moves in. 

31. Research the right moving company

Sometimes moves are just more than we can handle on our own. That’s when you need to invest in a moving company to help you with it. The problem is finding one that you can trust with your valuables and money. Find the one that’s right for you and be sure that they’re licensed in your state so that you’re not swindled. 


With these tips and tricks, you’ll make your entire move much more comfortable than it otherwise would be. It’s a hard job, but with the right people, you can make it easy. Inside Moves is always happy to help anyone moving in Southern California with their moving needs. Find the movers that work for you, even if they’re your family, so that you can move without stress.

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