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7 Affordable Neighborhoods To Move To In Los Angeles

March 10, 2020

Los Angeles is a city where you have to make cutbacks. The majority of the city is rent-burdened, with 62% of the people spending more than 30% of their income on rent. Along with the costs of rent, the price of houses has also continued to climb. Now over 60% of Angelinos are renting. All of this contributes to an environment where you might have to move to another city in the county to save a penny. When you start looking, it can seem like every city is expensive, and by comparison, the rest of the country you’d be correct. There are cities in Los Angeles though that have lower rent than the rest of the city. Here we’ve compiled a list of cities that balance price and safety in no particular order. 


1.Studio City 

New and old exist side by side in Studio City. It’s a city of contrasts. A small-town feel where people greet each other, and everyone shops locally is combined with hip boutiques and celebrities. Even the homes are a mix of new and old. Some of the houses are midcentury, and others are modern with current architecture sensibilities. The people tend to be more mellow than the rest of Los Angeles, laid back even by comparison to the already casual city. The city is also home to more than a few movie/tv studios, hence the name. It makes the city a hotspot for entertainment professionals to work and live. It finds it’s way on to this list because of a lower than average crime rate that’s combined with reasonable (For Los Angeles) median rent prices. It’s a great place for people looking to settle down in Los Angeles and always an option for people looking to make LA a little less expensive. 

Median Home Value: $871,116

Median Rent: $1,619 Per Month

Criminal Activity (Per 100,000 people): 3,428


The Final Word

Studio city is a great environment for young professionals and anyone looking for an inexpensive and safe place to live in Los Angeles. The location also helps to keep you connected to the rest of the city, sitting in the south end of the San Fernando Valley. If you’re looking to move to Los Angeles or change to a less expensive city that Studio City is an excellent option. 


2.Sherman Oaks

There aren’t many places that are better in the San Fernando Valley than Sherman Oaks. It’s a city that’s well known for its shopping centers and tree-lined streets. Before it was made into housing, the city was home to citrus groves. The city is well known for the mall culture that is the heart of the city. Sherman Oaks Galleria remains one of the best shopping malls in the city. Aside from the shopping, though, you can also find a quiet place of respite from the rest of the city here. The apartments can often be found for cheaper than most places in Los Angeles. Combine that with the general safety of the city, and it makes this list. 

Median Home Value: $496,300

Median Rent: $1,241 Per Month

Criminal Activity (Per 100,000 people): 3,261


The Final Word

The outstanding attractions, local amenities, and lower than average for the city price tag make this a great place for anyone looking to cut down the cost of living in Los Angeles without giving up much of what makes it such an attractive city in the first place. If you’re considering it, though, you’ll also want to consider hiring a moving company, Los Angeles. They’ll be able to help you get everything into your new home. 


3.Playa Vista

Playa Vista,Affordable NeighborhoodTo Move To In Los Angeles

Get the beach without the crazy price tags of Malibu or Santa Monica. Playa Vista is the go-to spot in Los Angeles for anyone that wants to live close to the seaside but can’t spring for a $4,000/month apartment. The city is fairly new in terms of other cities in Los Angeles, only starting to build upwards since the 1990s when movie studios abandoned their plans to develop it further. Now it’s home to more than a few tech companies who have made use of the office space available. It’s a great place for young people or new families. Being close to the ocean is its own reward, and the city is always putting on events that keep people coming back. 

Median Home Value: $655,300

Median Rent: $1,535 Per Month

Criminal Activity (Per 100,000 people): 2,132


The Final Word

If you just won’t be happy without the Pacific, then Playa Vista is an excellent option. The city is still developing and finding an identity, making it a great place to grow with. You’ll see the city become what it was intended to be from the start. The crime is low, and there’s always something to do. With a much lower than average (For property this close to the ocean in Los Angeles) rent, it’s certainly a place to consider. 



Palms is the city of Millennials and postgraduates. It’s an excellent location for new families that are trying to get started in Los Angeles. It’s a small city at only 2 square miles, but the location is prime, bordered by Beverly Hills and Ranchero Park. It’s the oldest neighborhood annexed to Los Angeles in 1886. The city is ethnically diverse and a high population of singles when compared to the rest of Los Angeles. There are also options for cheaper living and more expensive options if you’re moving here for something other than the price tag. The people of Palms are also educated, with around 48% of them having at least a 4-year degree. Combine all of this with some fine restaurants, and it’s no wonder that so many people from age 19-35 have chosen to call Palms home. 

Median Home Value: $455,157

Median Rent: $1,535 Per Month

Criminal Activity (Per 100,000 people): 2,012


The Final Word

If you’re just moving to Los Angeles as a kid fresh out of school, you’re a young family looking to start off in a new city, or someone trying recaptures some youthful energy, then there’s no much better in Los Angeles than Palms. There’s an energy in the air, and at every shop or restaurant, you visit. With less than average rent, it becomes a deal that can be hard to pass up. 


5.Toluca Lake

Toluca Lake, Affordable Neighborhood To Move To In Los Angeles

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This might not be a neighborhood you have on your radar when you’re searching for safe and inexpensive places to live in Los Angeles. That’s because, for home buyers, it’s not. In fact, if you’re buying a home, it can be quite expensive. Who it is cheap for are the renters. Renters can enjoy some of this Hollywood lifestyle without the expensive price tag at Toluca Lake. It’s one of the most fashionable zip codes for celebrities and others that seek a tiny refuge from the bustle of entertainment that Los Angeles is known for throughout the world. If you’re in the market for a new city to live in and you’re a renter, don’t let this one go without a look. You won’t regret it. 

Median Home Value: $986,825

Median Rent: $1,238 Per Month

Criminal Activity (Per 100,000 people): 2,794


The Final Word

Toluca Lake has probably flown under your radar if you’re a renter, and you probably didn’t give it a second glance as a buyer. This quiet little city can surprise you though with its amenities, laidback lifestyle, and celebrity faces. It’s fantastic for buyers looking to make a permanent home and renters who want a little taste of celebrity without the Beverly Hills price tag. 


6.West Los Angeles

If you’re not familiar with Los Angeles, don’t let the name fool you as West Los Angeles is not even close to being the westernmost part of Los Angeles. Over the years, other parts of what was West Los Angels were annexed into other cities, leaving us with what we have today. This city today remains one of the most walkable parts of Los Angeles, with quite a few shops and other businesses that you can get to rather easily. The area is home to a relatively young demographic, and that bleeds into the businesses that cater to their taste. If that’s what you’re looking for in a city, then West Los Angeles may be the place for you. It’s also a city under change. There are constant developments and new things being added all the time. It makes it a perfect home for anyone that’s looking for change to be a constant in their life. Like Toluca Lake, though, it’s not cheap for home buyers. Renters, though, can have relatively inexpensive apartments and other provisions. 

Median Home Value: $1,114,810

Median Rent: $1,746 Per Month

Criminal Activity (Per 100,000 people): 2,892


The Final Word

Prices in Los Angeles have to be considered relative to the rest of the city. In West Los Angeles, the prices are good for the location, even if the price for buying is not. That is a fact that’s becoming more common as the city struggles to keep up with the buy xanax without prescription housing demand. West Los Angeles is a great place for renters that are looking for some walkable neighborhoods that really give you that big city feeling that so many people want. Come to West Los Angeles and experience change. 


7.Mar Vista

Mar Vista used to be a little more than Lima Bean fields that happened to be coast side. Now it’s a town torn between new and old. It’s not uncommon to see modern architecture boarding very old homes that haven’t been torn down yet, being preserved by people who believe in the preservation of the cities history. It’s a great location for families as there’s always something to do, order discounts cheap cialis and easy access to the beach makes for plenty of fun days for the family to enjoy. It’s also a great place for anyone looking to build a life for themselves and get a foothold in the city. The lower rent prices (for a city this close to the ocean) and community make it ideal for young people. This is a neighborhood that’s peaceful and very much thriving right now. Be sure to give it a look when you’re deciding where to settle down. 

Median Home Value: $797,290

Median Rent: $1,576 Per Month

Criminal Activity (Per 100,000 people): 1,750


The Final Word

From the outside looking in, Mar Vista may not seem like much. It’s just a small coastal city nestled between other small coastal cities, but flying under the radar is part of the appeal. The easy access to other millennials and young people friendly cities makes it ideal for anyone who’s just getting out on their own or new families. Don’t miss out on this city when you go shopping in Los Angeles. 

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There is no one Los Angeles experience. There’s no single place where everything just comes together, and you can do LA. It’s smaller than that, and the city you choose to live in greatly shapes the way you’ll experience this city. Be sure to take your time and look over your options, whether you’re brand new to the city or are just seeking a change of pace. If you are moving, you should consider getting some help. Los Angeles is crowded, and apartments often have multiple floors. If you try to do it all yourself, it’s going to be difficult. Hire some movers from a moving company, Los Angeles, that you can trust. That way, your first few days in your new city and home are worth remembering and not filled with stress.

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