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7 Tips for When You’re Moving to a New Office Space

December 19, 2019

Moving from one office to another is a stressful process for you, the owner and everyone involved with your business. Everything is changing and you’re going to be driving to a new location and working in a new space. You already have enough on your plate facilitating the move, especially if your business is unable to function during the move. Most of the time that will be the case. Some business mitigates this by moving over the weekend but for others, there’s no good time to close the doors for the move. So how can you make your move as easy as possible? We’ll cover a few tips here from packing early to hiring moving services in Los Angeles

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Start Planning Early

The sooner you can start planning for the move, the easier it’s going to be when you actually do move. Planning is the only way to help ensure that things go smoothly during the transition period. If you don’t plan then you’re inviting problems that you’ll be ill-equipped to deal with. 


If you’ve been running your business for any large degree of time then you know the importance of proper scheduling. If you schedule the move at a time when you’re already busy and overwhelmed then it won’t do you any favors. Make sure your move is done on a schedule that works for you. 

Get Employees Involved

Your employees need to be made aware of the move and the process therein. They need to work around the move as much as you do. If you don’t let them know then it’s likely that the move will cause problems that could’ve been avoided. It’ll go a long way to keeping your workforce happy. They can also help with their own items in the office space. 

Know Where Things Go Before You Get There

You should have a map of the new office and a plan for how the new office is laid out. If you don’t then the moving process will be stalled and halted by having to make choices on the spot. Then when it actually comes time to set up the new space you’ll have to move boxes and items to the place you need them. 

Don’t Forget IT

IT is a part of every business and if you’re moving to a new office you have a chance to work with IT to have the best setup possible. This is your best chance to replace old equipment and to make sure you get back on your feet quickly. If you don’t have an in house IT person it may be best to hire one to get you going after the move. 

Label Label Label

Just like a home move you want to make sure the boxes and other items should be labeled. There’s nothing more frustrating during a move than to find that you have no idea where anything is. Labeling the boxes and storage containers can save you time because you won’t have to go searching through everything to find that one cable you need to finish the setup. 

Hire The Right Moving Company

This is going to be key to having a painless move. The right moving local moving company, Los Angeles can make your move much easier than it otherwise would have been. So when you’re planning your move to make sure you get the right moving services in Los Angeles to help the process be easy and painless.  

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