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8 Things Your Boss Wishes You Knew About Commercial Movers In Los Angeles

January 6, 2020

Your boss may have decided that it’s time for your company to move. It doesn’t matter if you’ve been with them for the better part of a week or if you’ve been a loyal employee for 20 years on the verge of retirement, it’s going to be a hard process to go through. There are a lot of aspects to the move that you might not be aware of. It’ll be hard for you and especially hard for the higher ups who not only have to go through everything you’re going through but have the unenviable task of planning and executing the entire shebang. Here are a few of the things that they’re going through while you’re preparing for the move. Here’s what your boss wishes you knew about it. 

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Forming A Committee

There’s a committee for everything, all the time. Moving is no different, and it’s essential for medium to large offices and teams. The team has to be formed out of members from each department including HR, IT, and others. They have to work together so that they get what they need to make the move easy for their departments. 

Establishing A Budget

Just like moving at home, when you move a business you need to work with your newly formed committee to establish a budget. Sticking to the budget is paramount because going over can cripple your finances, or in some cases, put the breaks on the move entirely. They have to set a budget or the budget is going to set the pace. 

Change Everything

Everything has to change. The letterheads on the paper, the addresses, the billing, the signage, and everything else that might have the old name/location attached. It all has to go. It all has to be replaced. They can’t just easily swap a word here or there. There is a process and as an employee, you may not be privy to it. You might be the one who was assigned to make sure the change happens smoothly. In which case you already know that it’s a headache to change everything over. 

Can the Equipment Be Moved? 

Not all of the equipment like printers and other large appliances can be moved by anyone. For a variety of reasons, you might have to have a separate technician come out to ensure the safety of the equipment. It may also be an insurance thing as some of these appliances have their own insurance. 

Changing the Address

You’re far from the only ones that will be impacted by the move, positively or negatively. The move will require that all of the clients of your office understand that you’re moving. There may be a transitory phase and if you have an in-office meeting they’ll have to come to the new location. It’s going to be a hassle for everyone that has to get everyone up to date and on the same page. Not to mention that it won’t always be as easy as just telling a client once. We all know that it’s going to be a problem for some people with worse memory than others. 

They aren’t the only ones though. Everyone else that doesn’t work there has to be notified. Any place that bills the business regularly or ships something to you will have to be notified of the change and furthermore, they have to know when to implement the change. 

Assemble A Move Team

This is different from the committee who makes the choices. This team will be responsible for carrying the entire process out. It’s important that you form this team and that the members are either willing or compensated accordingly. This team will help make sure the actual meat and potatoes work gets done, including hiring a moving company. 

Interviewing Moving Companies

To make the move happen you’ll need to have an experienced moving company working with you. You can’t have just anyone taking care of so much so your boss will have to bring in a few companies to bid on the job and to interview for the position. They’ll have to show that they can handle the task ahead and that they’re ready. 

Develop A Schedule

Another integral aspect of the move that your boss will be working on with the committee is to get a schedule planned for everyone in the office while it’s being moved. There’s no way around this and it’s hard work. Everyone needs to be made aware of the schedule weeks in advance to its implementation so that they can continue to function during the transition period. Plans will be changed, meetings moved, hours altered, and they’re going to have to make hard choices. You’re going to be affected by it and you can know that your boss is looking out for you to keep you from being disrupted. It’s also important for the commercial movers in Los Angeles to be made aware of the schedule so that they can plan accordingly. 

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