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About us, We care about your stuff more than you do.

I began as an industry professional in 1975. That’s when I started working at Bekins Van Lines in the San Fernando Valley as a helper. I learned the trade from the ground up. First, as a helper, then a packer, driver and a foreman. In 1990, I entered the sales force for Global Van Lines and learned what it took to get people on the trucks. In 1997, I helped Public Storage, Inc. with the start-up of their pick-up and delivery program. In 2001, I opened Inside Moves Relocation Services.

As a driver and a helper, I could never understand why a salesperson would low ball or short sell a job. As a salesperson, I learned that in order to be paid, you had to sell (all sales are commission based). No sales, no money at the end of the month. But as a moving company owner, I keep my integrity and give fair bids based on the work to be done, not based on getting the moving job no matter what. See Testimonials

As the owner/salesperson/driver, I can keep a responsible handle on the cost while providing you with an exceptional move. The focus is that you don’t get lost in the shuffle—you get the job and the results you deserve.

Inside Moves Relocation Services provides you with an estimate and then performs your move with a professionally-trained crew. We never over-book. Jobs are first come, first served. If we are booked, we offer you the next available day. We emphasize customer satisfaction. We want you to like us so much that you’ll recommend us to your family and friends. Our goal is five referrals per job. You can trust us when we say, “Nobody does it better.”

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