What kind of quality service can you expect for this price?


Ever wonder how moving companies can charge this amount? Truly sounds to good to be true, or is this the real price? My question as an owner of a moving company is not only how are companies doing work at this price but also advertising it with pay for click campaigns that are cost them as much as $5-7000 plus per month and pay things like overhead, insurance, oh and wages?

The bottom line is the level of service and what the employer is paying for it. If your mover is not getting paid then more than likely your goods are going to get trashed, or worse yet never get there. If your moving garbage, I’d say save the money but if you want to see your stuff in one piece are you willing to take a chance?

Not long ago I received a letter from a lady asking it I knew of a company called Fast Relocation and that her property was in storage and the company wasn’t in business anymore. The letter was sent out to ever mover in the valley. Her items were worth $250,000  GONE!!!

When you pick a local mover check them out, take the time to get a referral. Is that mover a member of the CMSA or the BBB*. If you choose the cheap guy over the referral hope for the best. As mover at Inside Moves we know we have your life in our truck and we treat as our own.

At least twice a month I get a call that goes like this. A customer calls and says the moving crew has been gone for 2 hours. They said they would take lunch and drive to the delivery and they are not here. WHERE’S MY CREW? The funny part is I have no crews in the field. These people paid so little attention they don’t even know whose moving their stuff.

Moving is hard work and a moving crew should get paid well. The industry like everything else has not kept up with the times. A mover is now making the same or less than in 1990.

At $58 for two men and a truck your taking a gamble. If it works out save that number, but I’m sure it will be no good in a year.

If your looking for great move at a real price call us “Were not going anywhere and we’ll always be here when you need us.”


* As a paying member of the BBB this only allows you to defend yourself from complaints. If you don’t pay the BBB you just get complaints. As of today we have had no complaints since opening call us to find out why.