7/1 Local move West hills to Woodland Hills starting the month off moving Wendy. Wendy had to be happy the crew got a phat tip. Oh ya she called and said “Toby, Jim and Emilio were the best movers she ever had.”

7/5 Local move Moorpark to Redondo Beach. Thanks Mark for your business. Mark said the guys got it done in record time….. he moves a lot.

7/6 Local move Malibu to Studio City with extra delivery in Valley Village. Scott has had several bad moves in the past, it was great to show him there still are great moving companies around. Special request for a certificate of insurance, this is rare on a household move. Not a problem.

7/14 Local move Valencia to Valencia thanks Kat. This was an apartment move , in Valencia apartments always come with a lot of stairs….not a problem our crews are not afraid of work.

7/15 Unload PackRat (Pack and Load Service by Inside Moves) on insurance job, thanks Barbra your floors look beautiful again

7/12 Senior Move out of storage to the Village in Northridge….. this was a sad move we moved this customer out of storage only to move him back in to storage 2 weeks later….Philip you are missed.

7/21 Local move Valley Village to Valley Village apartment move. Paul was surprised his move went so well and called to say best move and he will keep my card close.

7/23 Unload Pods in Simi Valley the boys knocked this one out in 5 hours, THAT’S FAST!!!! for 2 Pods.

7/25 Loading Pods in Malibu thanks Susan for trusting Inside Moves with your job….easy money with Chris and Danny on the job…..

7/28 Load 3 PackRats for Celeste and family in Simi Valley. Very nice family that was very happy will their crew. Thanks again to PackRat for their referal, with Inside Moves portable storage is a breeze when you call the specialists.

7/15 Local move from the Summit in Woodland Hills to Mountain View Estates for my favorite ear doctor back into his old house. Thanks for all you do for us here at Inside Moves, for my ears and your moving business.

7/22, 8/1 and 8/2 Local move from West Hills to storage and out to Camarillo. Jim had some delivery issues but we made it work, his house wasn’t ready to move into so we stored it on the truck over night.

7/27 Load 3 PackRats in Moorpark, thanks Lori for your job. looking forward to moving you into your knew home when it’s ready.

That all for now…..Inside Moves and our families always appreciate your business….if you want a top of the line move call us first.


The Move Doctor

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