Tips to Save Money when Moving

I’m always asked how can I save money moving?

If your moving in North LA you have to call Inside Moves. Don’t become a moving  NIGHTMARE. Trained crews that move with your needs and budget in mind.

We know you need to save money and that moving seems to be the place to save.

You can pack yourself and save paying the mover. Get your boxes from Leow’s or Home Depot this can save 50% on box cost.

Don’t move what you don’t need. A lot of people move stuff they should pitch. If you haven’t used it for a while, let it go.

Plan out where things are moving, if your deciding where things go the day of the move this can cost you 30% more time.

All these are great tips to save on moving but the  most important thing to remember we are about to talk about right now


What is your daily worth?

Many think they are saving money by moving small things and packing. A good moving company can pack and move a large house in 2 days. Doing it yourself could take a week or more. 2 days vs 5 days, what’s your time worth?

Please call us and learn how to save money moving. 818 515 0158 ask for Ted.