When there is the joy and adventure of moving to a new place, there are emotions attached to the old place; with these mixed feelings the most difficult task is to pack and move valuable items by a relocation service to a new place and we often lose our prized possessions while moving, but don’t worry with an organized way you can easily move to a new place without losing any of your valuable possessions.

Some of the good relocation services will help you move your valuables and keep them safe to where you what them to be, whether that be in Woodland Hills, Northridge, or any of the San Fernando Valley. 

The most important items while relocating are kitchenware & crockery, living room items, heirlooms & jewelry, plants, etc. No matter how difficult or backbreaking this packing task might be, keeping these items safe and secure is worth every effort. We will discuss further in detail the dos and don’ts while packing your valuable items.

Every human is different so is their packing style, some make an organized list and pack everything in a separate box with care, while some throw everything in a container due to lack of time. Here is a step by step procedure to pack your items with utmost care and safety:

1) Make a list

The first step towards successful moving is to make an organized list of all the items that you are taking along to your new house or office.  The last time I moved my office, I made a list categorizing each item into heavy items, fragile and expensive, and glassware. There is no universal pattern to make a list; you can make a list according to your understanding.

2) Collect Packing Material

Look for all the packing material that you have with you. For example boxes, bubble wrap, tape, old newspapers, quality jute or plastic ropes, staples, etc. Once you have found everything, put them in one place so you don’t have to look for them again and again.

3) Start Packing

Now is the time when you should start packing all the items on your list carefully. For certain things you need to take special care and pack them delicately so that there is no loss, we have explained below how we pack each item carefully:

(a) Kitchenware and Crockery

For better care use sturdy boxes and bubble wrap for your glassware and chinaware because you will need your china collection in your new home. We usually stack plates and saucers according to their size and use quality tape to keep them intact, and then wrap them in a bubble wrap and place them safely into a sturdy box.

(b) Heirlooms and Jewelry

While packing heirlooms, antiques and jewelry you need to take extra care because they cannot be replaced by money and they are usually priceless because there are so many memories attached to each one of them. We usually pack them in layers and put up extra bubble wrap and newspapers so that there are no scratches and cracks in them

 (c) Electronic Items

Packing electronic items is a bit tricky because these appliances have different cautions. We do our best to keep all the original boxes of electronic items and place them well in their original boxes when we move because these boxes are designed to keep them safe for shipping. But don’t get panicked if you are not able to find the original box because you can still pack them safely.

(d) Plants

The last thing on my list is plants because we like to let them stay in their natural habitat for as long as they can. The first step in packing plants is to wrap the roots, the roots do have to stay moist and protected to keep the plant healthy; you may use a moist paper towel or run the paper towel under the tap, and then wring it out so it’s nicely damp but not dripping wet.

4) Labeling

Last but not the least, label your items carefully according to specific categories so that you can strike down each item in your list as you put them in a van or truck, also this would help you in unpacking everything efficiently. Make sure you use permanent ink to label so that it is not erased while you handle them.

This is not the only way to pack your items for relocation. You can design your own way of packing your items, this sounds like a lot of effort but believe me this is a lot more easily than buying everything again.

Also, there are certain professional companies that offer removal and moving services. These companies have very good hands-on experience and they usually take care of everything, but be careful while opting for one.

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