Are you really getting good service when you’re paying the cheapest?


Every day I get calls asking about moving and its cost. Most people move about every 4-5 years, others haven’t moved in 30 years and then there are those that move every year. Bottom-line the costs of moving have not gone up much in 20+ years.
The question is will the lowest price also get you the best move?
Are all moving companies the same?
Will the price you get be the same as was given once the truck is loaded and before they unload?
If your goods are damaged will anyone be there to solve your claim? Is my stuff worth the cost of a professional mover or can I fake it?
How easy was to set up your move was, and can get a hold of the mover when you need to?
Are you dealing with the owner or an underpaid salesman?
Are the movers contractors or employees?
Did the moving company get enough information to do the move right or are they going to show up and fake it?
At Inside Moves I’m going to ask the questions that will make move a success, give you an in home estimate when needed and be there when you call.
WE CARE ABOUT YOUR STUFF MORE THAN YOU DO!!!! means we are going to take the time, get the info, and plan for the best move possible. This means were going to ask the questions you don’t have time to answer, that maybe seem trivial to you, but means the difference between great move or NIGHTMARE move. We may cost a little more but, what’s peace of mind worth.
For those looking for the deal we wish you luck. If you make enough calls you’ll find a salesperson saying yes to everything you want. You have a 50/50 chance or you can call us and know your getting the best move always every time.
Call Ted at Inside Moves 818 515 0158