My Next Door Neighbor hired a different moving company and and got what he paid for: Problems


Inside Moves Relocation Services, Inc. moving trucks parked on a street.

Moving Reseda not using Inside Moves……

After living in my home in Reseda for 20+ years I seen several things change. I’ve moved 3 of the last four families out of the house next door. Been friendly with all of them. Last month things started to happen next door and it seemed they moved out but….. they would stop by to feed cats in the morning and evening  No one was staying at the house, the one neighbor had rented a van from rent a wreck and spend 5+ days loading and coming back for more. Sunday about 4PM I was checking in a crew when a NorthStar moving van pulled up to his house , he was there, the guys got out….. I’m thinking he’s moving and didn’t give me a shot at the job… THEY WERE AT THE WRONG ADDRESS….. a street off showing up to a move at 4PM…. Our crews start at 8AM and know where they should be.