What to Expect in the Moving Interview or Estimate


Many think that an estimates only purpose should be to find the cheapest cost for like kind service. Moving is often the last item someone wants to pay for after costly closing costs or move in costs on a new rental. Moving is not like buying a new toy that you’ll enjoy for years to come, but with the right company you will not be looking at damaged furniture till the next move.

Most people move about every 5-7 years, some more some less. Renters 1-2 years others never move, but at some point and time it’s going to happen so make the best of it.

The first place to look for a mover is from friends, find a referral. A referral is a proven product but still always get an estimate.

After you found a company or two you like ,have an estimator survey the house so they can determine the scope of the job. A good estimator should be thorough checking closets, keeping track of items that are moving, number of boxes to be packed,where your moving to and what the delivery is like. The more questions the better, if you’re in a hurry the less questions answered could lead to a bigger bill at the end.

The biggest question in your mind before cost does this person know anything about moving? Will this person load my stuff up and go to Vegas when your moving to Encino. Does your estimator look you in the eye? Do they explain things in a way you understand? Do you know what valuation is in a move and how it works or what happens when the mover drops my stuff?

Does your mover return calls or answer the phone when you call? if the answer is no, whose going to be there if things go bad. How many people are you dealing with to get your move done?  ( At Inside Moves you deal with me and your driver and you always are only a cell call away  *  you never get lost in the crowd .Your always a person not a number)

Bottomline if your not comfortable with who your dealing with but you like the price buyer beware. If a deal sounds to good to be true it more the likely is. Moving cost money to be done right but a good move is worth it’s weight in gold. You have worked your whole life collecting things that make you feel good. If you base your moving decision solely on price, the cheapest, then your taking a gamble that things will workout.

Another word to the wise, it’s part of the estimator job the determine if you are a good customer. If you choose to be difficult to work with during the estimate you maynot pass the interview. No one needs to work for someone that’s a problem and it may cause the estimator to apply an attitude charge. Nice people that treat others the way they like to be treated always get the move they deserve. Good customers get great moves at Inside Moves, we love them.

*Fishing days we return calls after 5PM(3rd Wednesday each month) and surfing missed calls are returned minutes after we get out of the water or within a couple of hours.

If your looking for a mover you can trust, gets stuff there in one piece and knows what he talking about……. That would be ME

Happy Hunting,

The Movedoctor

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