Getting Moving Estimates over the Phone


If you’re getting a phone estimate it is important the mover gets as much information as possible. If the mover asks you how long your move should take and you tell him then you shouldn’t be calling a mover.

A good company should ask for a detail count of of goods to be shipped. If you only tell the moving company the big stuff don’t expect the whole house to be moved for the same price.

Access should also be addressed, are their stairs,elevators,long carries all these things add to the cost of the move.  How close will the moving company be able to place the truck or are there parking issues or permits needed.

Some small  moves can estimated over the phone, the rule  at Inside Moves if I can’t find out enought imformation over the phone were going to have to see it. If your more then 2 bedrooms, an apartment we are not familiar with or office we want to see it. If you have packing we want to see it.

You can never have to much imformation for a good move. Call us and find out the difference a GOOD Mover can make.

And by the way a phone estimate is not binding.

The Movedoctor out

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