Flooded home interior with view of staircase

It started with a call from Michael M. at Oaktree Construction. His client with a 6000sq.ft. house that had water damage and needed our help moving out to fix the floors.
Michael’s customer was very concerned about his goods . The home was a beautiful home in Chatsworth with very valuable stuff. Lots of fragiles and furniture that needed that special touch. I assured Michael we’ve done many Insurance moves and were PRO”S at handling high value household goods.
We called our PackRat partners for storage, they brought out 2 containers. We pack the fragiles and loaded his goods up in the containers and off they went. Then Michael’s crew went to work on the floors.
The goal was to have the project completed for his customers SUPERBOWL PARTY.
Michael guys knocked it out and we put the stuff back in Wednesday before superbowl.
Happy customers all the way around.

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