Commercial LA Moving

Your office moving experience will be completed with minimal down time and a stress free environment for the office manager, all from an LA moving company you can trust!

Inside Moves specializes in office moving in Los Angeles, and we work with modular furniture. We service a wide variety of areas in the West Valley sector and beyond.

We start the process with a thorough and accurate estimate. Our estimator will walk the job and determine the scope of work to be done, ask about needs, and look at access at both ends of the job. He will also find out possible dates and contact the building’s main office to find out their requirements, including insurance needs, floor protection, wall protection, and when the building allows moving. After the survey, our estimator will present the move coordinator with the estimate.

Inside Moves also provides a comprehensive office moving plan to facilitate the move, including a floor plan, labeling requirements, what the employees need to do, packing options (including our auto bottom Office and Industry Moving Boxes that require no tape), and how we can assist setting up your other vendor’s ITT and phone needs. All items will be taken apart, blanket wrapped and secured in the truck, and assembled again and placed per the required floor plan. After the office moving is completed, our crew will review both the source and destination to make sure everything is accounted for.

With a minimum down time, a stress free environment for the office manager, and our relationships with some of the best commercial realtors in the business, your experience will be a successful office move with Inside Moves.

Helpful Hints for Office Moving

The following suggestions have helped in the many office moves we have done, and are happy to share it in advance of an opportunity to estimate your move:

  1. Check with your building for what hours they allow moving. Most buildings allow moving before 8AM and after 5PM on weekdays with Saturday all day and Sunday by request only. Keep in mind that elevators and access doors often shut down at 6PM and during the weekends for security, and most places require key cards for access.
  2. Most buildings require a Certificate of Insurance. Give your LA moving company a REQUEST FOR A CERTIFICATE OF INSURANCE to facilitate this process.
  3. An access form must be filled out by the customer, letting security and the building know your moving company has been authorized to remove property and allows the office to plan for guard staff if needed.
  4. Make sure that there is a floor plan and use it. Give each office a number and not a name, and place the furniture on the plan so your moving company will know where to place everything.
  5. When packing, fill boxes to the top and label the sides with numbers. Use proper boxes, and if a box is too heavy for you to lift then it’s over weight. Lateral files that are over 2 drawers tall should be packed in boxes. Vertical files can be moved as they are.
  6. Computers, faxes, phones and IT equipment should be disconnected and packed before the move starts. The company IT staff should assist with the packing and reassembling at the new site.

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