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Everything You Need To Know About Sherman Oaks: Complete Guide

March 16, 2020

Sherman Oaks is one of the few places in the San Fernando Valley that doesn’t have a stigma attached to it by the cities outside the valley. It’s hip, young and thriving. It’s an ideal place to consider if you’re thinking about moving in or to Los Angeles. It has a little bit of everything that you might want in a community with the only downside being the same downside every city in Los Angeles (And the whole of California) has, high cost of living. Still, many people find that it’s worth the extra expense to live in Sherman Oaks and enjoy all it has to offer the people that live there and the surrounding community. 

Sherman Oaks has more to offer than just some beautiful shopping malls and a central location for easy access to the valley and the rest of Los Angeles proper. It also provides its residents with a lower population density and one of the more walkable cities in the valley. If you’re considering moving to the valley, Sherman Oaks should always be a city that stays at the forefront, for renter and buyers alike. The housing consists of mostly renters, but that hasn’t stopped people from buying any one of the lovely homes that dot the area. Is Sherman Oaks right for you? This is the complete guide. 


Sherman Oaks is far from the most populated city in Los Angeles. It’s not even the most populated city in the San Fernando Valley. Quite the opposite, in fact, it has one of the lowest population densities of the entire city, at just 6,687 people per square mile. This means that you have space to do your shopping, eating, and living because, unlike Los Angeles, proper, you’re not packed in so tight with everyone else all the time. It also means that housing can be bigger and often less expensive than other more populous areas. 

The population of Sherman Oaks is also educated, with at least 59% of residents having at least a 4-year degree or more, according to They also received an A grade on diversity, with only 67% white residents and 14% Hispanic with the African American population making up another 6%. It is a place with a lot of faces, a lot of different cultures, and a great variety when it comes to the people, food, and anything else. No matter who you are, you’ll feel right home here in Sherman Oaks. 

Cost Of Living

Like anywhere else in California, compared to the national average, the cost of living in Sherman Oaks is actually quite high. That’s why you can’t look at the national average. If you’re already living in California or you’re moving to Sherman Oaks, then you already know that the cost of living in Los Angeles is higher than just about anywhere else in the country. That’s why we have to look at how the cost stacks up next to other neighborhoods in Los Angeles and see how they compare. 

For renters, Sherman Oaks provides a lot for a much smaller than average price; this is especially true when you compare it to some of the places, not in the San Fernando Valley. Even for the San Fernando, renting is cheaper than you might come to expect. The same can’t be said for purchasing, though. Like anywhere else in Los Angeles, buying a home is not inexpensive. Instead, the cost of buying a home is high, even for Los Angeles. The average monthly cost for a renter in Sherman Oaks is just at $1,817 per month. That’s significantly lower than the citywide average for Los Angeles that sits at $2,545 per month. This makes Sherman Oaks an ideal place for renters. For buyers, however, you could find yourself spending more than you wanted to spend. The average cost of a home in Sherman Oaks is $842,222 while the average cost for a home in Los Angeles County is $722,800 for houses sold, market listings show the prices as being more along the lines with Sherman Oaks average. The majority of the people living in Sherman Oaks, like most of Los Angeles, are renters. It’s not hard to see why with housing being as expensive as it is in the city. If you’re looking to purchase a house and settle down with a family, Sherman Oaks may be among the best places to do it in the whole of Los Angeles. 

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Where To Live

Sherman Oaks isn’t a big place being just 9.15 square miles in the southern end of the San Fernando Valley. Still, there are options. You can stay in the more hustle and bustle part of the city, closer to the malls and restaurants that the city is famous for, or you can stay in the suburbs that extend up into the Santa Monica Mountains. There you’ll find villas and ranch style homes of the 1930s that have managed to retain their charm. In the old days, Sherman Oaks was an escape from the bustle of Los Angeles, now that bustle can be found on Ventura Boulevard. If you want an area that’s walkable and that has that same spice from the city, there’s no better place than there. Sherman Oaks has a duality that gives it character. It’s also why so many people decide to call it home. You can pick and choose what kind of life you want to live, depending on which part you settle down in. The city shifts and changes with each location, ensuring that you get what you signed up for based on your address. Do your shopping and make sure you get the life that you want to live in Sherman Oaks. 


Los Angeles is one of the capitals of the world for excellent weather. The San Fernando Valley might not be known for the same weather you’d find in Malibu or Santa Monica, but that’s not to say that’s bad by any stretch of the imagination. Quite the opposite is true. The weather, like the rest of Los Angeles, is fantastic. The Santa Monica mountains ensure that you’re never too hot, and you’re certainly never going to be too cold, even during the depths of winter and the peak of summer. During the summer months, you’ll see average highs around 83 degrees Fahrenheit, and during the winter, the average high during the day is a crisp 70 degrees. The sun also shines for the majority of the year, seeing a yearly average of around 4.5 inches of rain for the entire year. The humidity also follows suit with the rest of the city and remains low for the majority of the year so that you’re almost never muggy at any point during the year. The wind stays relatively mild throughout the year as well. The average wind speed throughout the year sits at a comfortable 7MPH, meaning that you always have a nice breeze in Sherman Oaks. If you’re set on being in the valley, this is one of the coolest cities to be in during the summer, making it quite popular for visitors and residents alike. 

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Fun Things To Do

Sherman Oaks is a city known across Los Angeles for two things, shopping and restaurants. If you like either of those things, then Sherman Oaks is going to be excellent for you. The Sherman Oaks Galleria is a popular destination for people all over Los Angeles and the residents alike. Restaurants line Ventura Boulevard, and it creates an excellent strip for you to find any food you could want. All of that isn’t to say that it’s all on offer from Sherman Oaks. There are always events going on throughout the small city. If you’re not into shopping or want fun activities to do with the family, there’s always Castle Park, which offers Mini-golf, go-karts, and arcade games that the whole family can enjoy. If you like being a little more active, then you can always go swimming at the Sherman Oaks and Van Nuys Recreation centers. Then if that still doesn’t do anything for you and you prefer to be outdoors you can visit any of the city’s excellent parks or acres of open spaces. If you’re a beach lover, you’ll have a bit harder time, longer commutes to the beach are just part of life in the valley. There’s always a little something for everyone all over Sherman Oaks, no matter what you enjoy doing. 


Los Angeles is a city that’s built around cars and getting around. The traffic is legendary in this city, and if you move to a place without easy access to freeways, your job, or public transportation, then you’re going to end up with a Los Angeles experience that is greatly hindered and unenjoyable. Where you’re working should always be a consideration when buying or renting a house because Los Angeles traffic is real. Fortunately, Sherman Oaks offers a variety of ways to get around Los Angeles. There are multiple freeways so that you can always get going in the right direction without too much extra time spent getting the right freeway. This means that Sherman Oaks is a good place to center yourself in the city of Los Angeles. Public transportation may be somewhat limited, especially if you’re used to what’s on offer in other parts of Los Angeles. If you already own a car, though, there’s not a whole lot for you to worry about moving into Sherman Oaks. 

Job Market

There are all kinds of jobs that you can get in Sherman Oaks, but there are a few that dominate the job market more than the others. The average income of a household in Sherman Oaks is $101,045, meaning that most of the people are in the management of some sort. Often this is in entertainment or tech industries. Entertainment is big given the proximity that Sherman Oaks has to movie studios and other places that are big for that industry. Tech companies decided to call it home because of the intersection of the 101 and the 405 freeways. It made life easy for their employees, and they ended up settling down in the city. There are other jobs, of course, but Sherman Oaks was always fantastic for anyone looking to balance a busy career with a quiet home life in a way that’s convenient. 


One of the great things about Sherman Oaks is the variety. This is a variety you find in the shopping, the foods, the activities and even in the schools. If you’re not happy with the school, your child attends there’s always another one that you can put them in until they’ve found a place that feels right at home for them. There are all kinds of schools, both public and private, that you can choose from when deciding. Most of the schools are fantastic, with a high school graduation rate that’s 11% higher than the rest of the country. The schools in Sherman Oaks also have test scores 15% higher than the rest of the country. Some of the best options for your kids in Sherman Oaks are Larchmont Charter Schools, or Renaissance Arts Academy. No matter what level your kids are at, you’ll find a good school that suits their needs as students and your needs as parents. 

Final Thoughts

Sherman Oaks is a fantastic place to live if you’re looking for a new home here in Los Angeles. There’s a diverse group of people here and a lot to do and keep individuals and families busy and happy during their time in the city. There are so many attractive reasons that keep people moving to this city and visiting every day. The rent is lower than in many other areas in Los Angeles, even if the cost of a house is higher than it is in other parts of the city. If you’re moving with a family, you’ll have plenty of great schools to send them to throughout the city. Many people have moved to Sherman Oaks, a lot of people visit it, and then there are those who call it home. If you’re going to be one of the ones to call it home, you’ll need one of the best moving company in Sherman Oaks to help you make the first time in this city one to remember. You should find movers that you can trust and Inside Moves Relocation Services is the best you’ll find in Sherman Oaks. 

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