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Find answers for some of the moving company FAQs here:
How much to move a 3 bedroom house?

We get this question every day and every day the answer is different. Another common question is: why does one person cost more to move than another with the same size house?

Moving is a custom job. Everyone has different needs, amounts of stuff, different drive times, stairs, elevators, etc. While smaller jobs can be bid over the phone with good information, anything over 3 bedrooms should be given the time for an estimate. I would think it would be important to interview the person who will have your goods. This should even be more important than the price that’s given to you. The promise of a great rate means nothing it your goods are never received or are received in bad condition.

The average 3 bedroom house is 8-10,000lbs, 3 men and 8-9 hours plus your drive time if there is easy access. Save yourself grief; get the estimate from a mover you can trust.

Be packed and ready, and do your best to be well fed and rested for the day of your move.


What about my cables and wires?

The day of the simple TV disconnect and hook up is long gone. Today we have Plasma TV’s, DVD players, receivers, power cords, surge protectors, signal amps, speakers and all the X-box and other gaming devices. Years back a plug and cable hook up was easy, now it’s a trade in itself.

If you are skilled in audio you can hook it up yourself or maybe you are lucky enough to have a friend. If not then you need to look for a company to breakdown or at least setup your system. Many times your cable company will set you up again depending on what you have going.

This brings me to my point: make sure you know where all your cables and cords are for the TV and the computers. The last thing you need happening is your cable guy showing up and you don’t have the parts you need to complete the job. This can cost you time, money, and a lot of frustration.

If you have anything that’s going to bring your life to a screeching halt if you can’t find it, put it in a safe place where it will not get packed, moved, or misplaced. It’s a mover’s nightmare when a move goes perfectly only to end up searching for something at the end after the bill is totaled. This goes double for checkbooks, credit cards and wallets.

Plan ahead: put important papers, cords, car keys in a safe place.

What should you do first on moving day?

Unless you have a very small move, and even then, the first thing you should do moving day is EAT!!!!

Moving day is loaded with lots to do and not enough time to do it. So it’s very important your body has fuel to run on.

I tell all my crews they must be fed and ready to work when they show up in the morning. Moving is a tough job and even if you’re a spectator, you need to have the energy to last through the job. If your job is an all day job, make sure you get lunch and keep hydrated. Don’t move on an empty stomach. This will also help keep your attitude positive through the day.

How do most people pick a mover?

The way most people find a mover is quickly changing, but the reason people choose a mover has not. Five years ago your search would start in the local phone book or yellow pages online, get a referral from a friend or contact the BBB in your area. The yellow pages customers would call 3 or 4 movers for prices and set up their moving date, assuming that every mover has like-kind service.

Nowadays many customers never even get to the yellow pages and simply use the computer and again the first question is how much does it cost to move? Funny part about that is often the customer hasn’t even said what’s moving, never assuming that anything but cost separates one company from another. It is amazing the DEALS I see cruising Google looking for movers, deals too good to be true.

The best way to get your moving company is by referral. At Inside Moves we realize the only way you get a referral is by earning it, doing the right thing and not treating your customers as simply “one more head to harvest”. This is the way most smart and wealthy people move.

In the day where, on the Internet, a customer can find 2 movers for $58, $59, and $65 and up, the smart consumer asks what the difference is between a company charging $58 an hour and one that charges $90. How can there be such a difference? The bottom line is if it sounds too good to be true, it is. If it sounds like a duck and walks like a duck, what is it?

To operate a moving company there’s more going on than simply hiring 2 guys and sending out a truck. Just some of the costs are employees, equipment, fuel, insurance, material and that internet advertising (all advertising). If a company says $58 an hour, they are charging a rate that is less than it costs to perform the job. Great deal for the consumer until something goes wrong, or do you think they find the money somewhere else: Like packing or material? Or are they paying worker comp? How much are they paying your movers? These are the moving scammers that give the industry a bad name.

In 1990 the rate of Bekins Van Lines was $71.50 hourly. How can the cost of moving be $58 almost 20 years later?

At an hourly rate of $90 for 2 men and truck, the profit margin is small if everything is being paid. Maybe others have found a better way but here at Inside Moves we will keep on providing a superior level of service at a rate where we can still profit. As my wife Melissa says, “If you’re working for FREE you’re working for ME.”

If you’re looking for quality moving service at a fair cost with professional packers and movers that know their job as well as excellent customer service skills, we’re your type of company.

If you’re simply looking for the cheapest mover and willing to take the gamble with your goods, call until you find a company that will tell you exactly what you want to hear. At the end of the day when you get your bill and the job is 2-3 times the phone estimate, I hope you feel you got what you paid for.

The decision is yours: pay a legitimate rate and have peace of mind or gamble and hope your day turns out okay. MOVE WITH THE PRO’S! CALL US AT (818) 515-0158 or (818) 708-1890