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Hiring a Professional Moving Company Versus Moving By Yourself

May 9, 2016
Image of unloading the boxes from the truck

As life is filled with unexpected surprises and events, there are many various reasons for things to change, which may also require for you to adapt your life accordingly, and one of the biggest transitions that most people experience is with a move or relocation to a new place, part of town, state, or even country. Some people have never moved to a new home in their lives, while others move frequently due to changes in important parts of life, such as work, school, family, friends, or relationships. Whether or not you are experienced in moving, when you are faced with this task, you generally have two options to handle the situation: look for and hire a company of professional movers or move everything yourself in your own vehicle or a rental truck.

There are several reasons why some people will choose one option over the other when faced with this situation. Many people will hire the help of a moving company as they do not wish to damage their home or belongings in transporting to the new residence. Professionals often insure their services and have guarantees to keep your possessions safe and sound. Hiring professionals also eliminates the risk of potentially injuring yourself in carrying heavy furniture pieces or appliances like your refrigerator or washing machine. By hiring a professional moving company to transport your belongings to your new home, you have pretty much nothing to worry about, and you do not have to do any of the hard work yourself.

While many may choose to opt for the help of a professional moving company, many others will not choose this route, and will take it in their own hands to complete the job for a variety of reasons. The first reason why people will move themselves is due to the cost of a moving service. In cases where a moving load is not that large, many people will do not feel they can justify paying to do something that is feasible for them to do with a little bit of hard work. Another reason some people will not work with movers is that there is a risk involved. Due to the nature of the relocations industry, many scammers will offer low quotes, then raise the price, while holding your possessions, forcing you to comply with their exorbitant rates. Because there are many scammers running moving companies, it is not as easy to weed out the ones you can trust with those who are just trying to get as much money from you as possible.

Both choices are well justified in various situations, such as moving on your own when dealing with a smaller moving load, or hiring professionals to move a larger home, like a four bedroom house. However, when you do background research, you can determine whether a moving company is legitimate or a scam, so you can make the right choice when it comes to your next move. Whether you make the decision to move yourself, or hire professionals for help, knowing to check for reviews, complaints listed with the Better Business Bureau, and other online research can go a long way in helping you to choose a moving company you can trust, like Inside Moves Relocation Services, Inc.

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