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How To Pack Fragile Items When Moving

January 8, 2020

Packing for a move is among the furthest thing from fun during the entire process. Sometimes it can be a fun experience finding things you had forgotten about or connecting to the sentimental item s you haven’t interacted with or seen in a while. Often though, it’s a long process that’s tedious and difficult. We always dread having gotten the box to the new house with the breakables only to discover that they’ve broken in transit. It’s heartbreaking, especially when it’s an item with sentimental value. Nobody wants the last time an item is complete to be when it was put in a box. This is a reality you don’t have to live with. If you’re moving, then there are a couple of ways you can ensure your fragile items reach the destination intact. Here are some of those ways that don’t involve hiring movers in West LA

Fragile Item Packing,Inside Moves Relocation

Bubble Wrap

Bubble wrap actually has a use beyond delivering one of the most cathartic sounds known to man. Whenever you’re packing away the breakable items you should wrap them generously in bubble wrap. Then pack them tight in the box so that they don’t bounce around against each other in the box you put them in. This will help keep them safe as they are now each other’s protection from jarring and being moved violently. 

Don’t Overpack Fragile Items

Often we want to have a few fragile boxes as possible so that we don’t have to be careful with a ton of them. So you just put all of your fragile items in 1-3 boxes and then move those. Well, this might not be the best plan. Not all fragile items are created equal. Some of them are heavier than others, and some of them are more fragile than others because of their shape and design. If you pack all of these items together, you might end up putting too much pressure or weight on breakable items, making it easier for them to break during transit. Heavier fragile items mixed with lighter items probably won’t travel well. 

Mark the Boxes

It’s quite easy to forget what’s in each box while you’re moving, and once a box is tapped up it’ll get lost in the shuffle of other brown boxes. This is how you end up with a nephew or a friend that doesn’t understand what’s in a box, putting it on the bottom of the pile as a foundation box. Then you’ll have broken items. You should always label the boxes that have fragile items. This isn’t just for other people. It’s so that you can recognize at a glance if a box has breakable items in it. You don’t want to forget and treat the box with breakables badly. 


Packing away your fragile items is an important part of keeping your property safe during a move. If you don’t pack it away properly then you’ll probably end up with broken items when you arrive and unpack. If you’re not confident in your ability to pack fragile items yourself you can always hire movers in West LA

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