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How To Prepare For An Office Move

June 23, 2020

When preparing to make an office move there are a lot of things you need to consider beforehand. Here are some tips on how to prepare for an office move to make it easier for you. Since making an office move is an important and big step many offices start their planning a year in advance. The most important step in office moving is to have good communication. There are a lot of possible reasons why you may need to move but we can have you already.

Create A Timeline And Start Planning

Creating a timeline and planning is one of the most important steps during an office move. Timelines can help you manage your time accordingly and not waste any extra resources or time on stuff that may not be important. It helps you in bringing the planning process right on time. You can create an approximate amount of time that it may take to complete. As well as giving sub tasks and time per task knowing how long it should take to be completed to keep on schedule. You need to consider all the resources required and any extra resources needed when putting together a plan and timeline. If it’s not possible before the moving date you will need to figure out a way to reduce the time. Systemized planning and execution is the best way to go.

Communicate With Your Employees.

Communication is the key to any activity. Engaging with everyone on your team and your clients letting them know about the relocation is a good place to start. When people feel personally invested they would likely be more excited and supporting you. Communicating through the process of moving will greatly improve the speed of the timeline as everyone would be connected. Assigning roles to each one will allow for a good management system. Figure out the best way how to prepare for an office move. You should hold meetings about the move with everyone involved discussing it. Making sure everyone is ready for the moving day and has everything planned out.

Create Goals To Make Moving Easier

Creating goals to achieve the result will help your employees in finishing the process. Make the goals focus on action-oriented goals. You need to be specific about what you want to achieve with everyone present during the move. Making goals that change your new location to help further your office is important. Look for some ideas in your customer service box. YOu can improve your business image by making a goal to complete a branded design before the relocation date. Sit down with all your departments and create the goals accordingly.

Schedule Your Move With Both Buildings.

There are a few reasons why you would need to time the relocation right and schedule a date with the relocation area before you go.

Change Addresses Ahead Of Time.

Make sure to change your address for the business before moving into your new location. It is important to do this both physically and digitally. Any imminent changes must be mentioned on the website so all clients and potential clients know your new location. If you are also changing your phone number make sure to mention it on the website ahead of time.  Take a look at how to prepare for an office move.

Get Professional Office Mover.

It is best to get professional office movers when you are moving for the best results. Hire the best commercial movers in Los Angeles to come to help you with the moving process. They will carefully move everything without damaging it even a bit. So search for commercial movers near me and get a move on selecting the movers which are best suited for you. 

Move The Non-essentials First.

Since you are still using your old office it is best to first move all the non-essential items to the new location. Make a list of all the items in the office and divide them into two sections one for essential and the other for non-essential. Moving the non-essential items will help you minimize the boxes during the actual move. As lesser boxes need to be marked. Any equipment that is needed daily should be left until the moving day arrives. Move all essential items along with all the other items in the office.

Time The Office Relocation Right.

It is important to take your time seeing your new location choosing whether it is right for you or not. But it is also important to choose when you need to relocate to a new office location. As the time of the relocation is a very important time. When you have a good idea of how the location looks it will be easier for you to move into the new location. You need to take everything into account as the number of clients going to come into the office is about to increase, how it will affect the clients that have been with you for a long time. After considering all factors, decide on a proper date to relocate.

Setting Up The New Office.

Once everything is moved to your new location all that’s left is unpack and arrange everything. Creating different spaces for different departments. You would have to create a warm welcome for all the workers and old clients and customers. Arrange a party for the new location. Relax for a bit as you will have to get on with arranging all the different departments but for now, the move is completed.

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