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Moving Checklist: Task Schedule and Supplies List

August 21, 2014
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You might be lost when it comes to figuring out what tasks need to be done when you are about to move to a new home, but when you determine a checklist for your move, you can ensure that your process will not only run smoother but will also make the job a lot easier, knowing exactly what to expect at each step. In the time before your move, you will want to determine which tasks need to be done when, so your checklist should include a time frame for when certain tasks should be completed.

Approximately two months (or eight weeks) before your move, you will want to have called around multiple moving companies to compare their services and costs, and to schedule a date to be moved. In addition to this, you should start to plan where you will be placing your various items in your new home.

At around six weeks before your move, you will want to start cleaning out your closets and cabinets and get to sorting the things you need and what you no longer want. At this point you will want to get in contact with your insurance to transfer your policies to your new address, transfer records to new schools, medical records to new doctors and dentists, as well as other memberships in any associations that need to be transferred.

At about the one month mark, you will want to get started on packing up clothing and items that are out of season or not currently being used into boxes. You will also want to change your address with the post office, billing companies, magazine/newspaper subscriptions, utilities, cable/internet, etc. and even send out a new address postcard to friends and family. This is also a useful time where you can schedule a cleaning of your home as well as any repairs.

Around three weeks before you move, you should continue packing room things in each room, as this will be a long, gradual process. You should call a plumber and/or electrician to disconnect your appliances.

In the last week, you will need to finish packing everything else. At this stage, you should separate necessity items and pack them in boxes that you have marked specifically to unpack first.

Here is a list of moving supplies that you will need:

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This is an infographic for a Moving Checklist by Inside Moves Relocation

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