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Inside Moves Relocation Services is moving company in Calabasas. We have been part of the moving industry since 1973.

Calabasas is a gorgeous city in the West Hills of the San Fernando Valley that has been steadily growing ever since 2006. Inside Moves is among the premier moving companies, Calabasas, so It’s no wonder that people find the allure of this beautiful city irresistible. It’s bustling with new opportunities, more than ever before. Inside Moves Relocation Services are the premier movers in Calabasas.

Moving is a stressful experience for almost anyone. You’ll find yourself and your family at the center of that stress as you try to coordinate all of the parts that have to work together in order to pull it off. There’s a lot of work and a lot that has to be done in a short amount of time. However, that’s where Inside Moves Relocation Services comes in. Our goal is to help take the stress off of you by handling the heavy lifting, the packing, and the unpacking so we offer residential movers in Calabasas and commercial movers in Calabasas. We offer a variety of different services so that no matter what you need Inside Moves can help. It doesn’t matter if you’re moving in or moving out, we have you covered because reducing your workload and helping you with the stress of moving will help the process.

Our services are always available to the people of Calabasas. Therefore, it doesn’t matter if you’re moving your family in or out of the city, or just relocating your business. Inside moves can help. We offer a packing service that helps to take the stress out of moving. We pack everything away in boxes, inventory it, so it is easy to load it on to one of our trucks to be delivered and unpacked at your new location. This is ideal for families and businesses who don’t have the time or the energy to handle this backbreaking and tedious part of the job. We even bring our own moving supplies so that you don’t have to worry about anything other than being there. You won’t find a better moving company in Calabasas CA, or better moving service in Calabasas CA.

We’ve been in business since 1973, and in that time we’ve discovered the key to maximizing our results and providing outstanding customer service to all of our clients. Our goal is to make your move as easy and stress-free as possible so we build a relationship with our customers that is based on trust.


Trusted Moving Company

Inside Moves, a local moving company in Calabasas CA has been in business since 1973, and we wouldn’t have made it this long had it not been for our commitment to customer care. We believe that every interaction should leave you happy and satisfied. Inside Moves is family-owned and operated,above all we treat you like part of the family is what we do. We take care of our customers because they are the reason we do what we do. Inside Moves are the top-rated movers in Calabasas. Look no further than the outstanding reviews that we receive. We’ve moved thousands of people since the doors opened over 40 years ago. Our goal is to ensure your satisfaction and peace of mind throughout the process.

I used this company to move everything out of my home and into storage. These are the most amazing movers I have ever used! My team was Robert, Alex, and Moise. They wrapped ALL my furniture so it would stay safe, clean and protected in storage…

Best moving company in los angeles
Cynthia T

Southlake, TX

I was worried that this firm might be too expensive, but after I saw how carefully and quickly they worked, it was worth it. I was referred to Ted by a mutual friend that works in the industry, and Ted is the consumate professional…

Best moving company in los angeles
James E

Westlake Village, CA

These guys , Ted Cotter and his crew, are pretty awesome! The day I had to help my mom move out a whole room filled with old belongings, I had their help fortunately. These guys work hard for their money! The respect shown was very appreciated…

Best moving company in los angeles
Jeancarlo G.

North Hills, Los Angeles, CA

Great Service!!! I recently had to move my office from Los Angeles to Ventura County. I held up with a very tight schedule. I immediately called Inside moves relocation company as Inside moves is the best moving company in Los Angeles…

Best moving company in los angeles
Samantha A

Ventura County, CA

The crew at Inside Moves are top-notch! Didn’t have a big move just a bar I purchased (It is a very heavy bar) . It was picked up at delivered on time and at a great price! I will certainly use them again and recommend their service to my friends…

Best moving company in los angeles
Star T

Reseda, CA

Inside moves is really the best moving company to work with. They were extremely competitive with pricing, showed up on time and were extremely efficient. The guys that were helping me with my move had a great attitude and came to work…

Best moving company in los angeles
Vartan P

Woodland Hills, CA

Associations & Recognition

Hire Us As Your Professional Moving Company

We’ve made it our mission, as a moving company in Calabasas, to provide the best service possible at the lowest cost we can. In other words our “A+“ Rating with the BBB is a reflection of our commitment to our customers. We’ve also been voted favorite movers consecutively in Daily News Readers Choice. We’re also fully licensed and insured so that our customers and their valued possessions are in the safest hands possible while on the moving truck. Our crews are clean-cut, owner trained, knowledgeable and professional, all in an effort to provide the best service available. Above all, Inside Moves are the most trusted movers in Calabasas.


Moving Company Calabasas | What To Expect

The best moving company in the Calabasas offers comprehensive home and business relocation and packing services. Our goal is to exceed customers’ expectations by customizing our moving services so as to fit specific needs.

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  • 4 Hours Of Moving
  • 2 Movers + Truck
  • Pickup & Delivery of your items
  • Assembly & Disassembly of furniture
  • Blankets & Moving Equipment included
  • Unlimited Wardrobe Box Rentals
  • 5 Free Book Boxes
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Silver Deal
  • 6 Hours Of Moving
  • 3 Movers + Truck
  • Pickup & Delivery of your items
  • Assembly & Disassembly of furniture
  • Blankets & Moving Equipment included
  • Unlimited Wardrobe Box Rentals
  • 5 Free Book Boxes
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  • 8 Hours Of Moving
  • 3 Movers + Truck
  • Pickup & Delivery of your items
  • Assembly & Disassembly of furniture
  • Blankets & Moving Equipment included
  • Unlimited Wardrobe Box Rentals
  • 5 Free Book Boxes
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Top Reasons To Move With A Moving Company

We Care about Your Stuff More Than You do!

Moving is a challenge that will stress out almost any family or business. It’s expensive, time-consuming, and that’s why Inside Moves set out to be the best moving service, Calabasas. Inside Moves understands the stress that your family or your business will be under during the moving process. Therefore, our goal is to help you move with as little stress as possible by taking on the more difficult, tedious, and backbreaking parts of the move. We offer a wide variety of options like residential movers in Calabasas CA, commercial movers in Calabasas CA, and many more services that are designed to help every member of our community that’s moving. However, with our assortment of options, you’ll always find a package that can meet your needs at a price you can afford. That is part of what makes Inside Moves the best moving service in Calabasas CA.

Calabasas is a beautiful neighborhood in Los Angeles located in the hills west of the San Fernando Valley. For instance, as a symbol of preserving that beauty the city’s logo depicts a red-tailed hawk flying over the Santa Monica Mountains. The history of the city is just as rich as the people, because of the comprising of American settlers, Native Americans, and the Spanish all having settled the region at one point or another. It would also go in to be a favorite place to shoot for movie and television producers. Iconic moments from Tarzan and Robin Hood have been shot in this city. It’s no wonder then that many people choose to move into these beautiful and historic hills.

There’s little mystery as to why so many families and businesses have chosen to call Calabasas home. Inside Moves is here to help make it a reality by offering you office movers in Calabasas CA and local movers in Calabasas CA because it is becoming one of the most popular destinations in Los Angeles for many people. We even offer a packing and unpacking service so that you don’t have to worry about it.

We bring our own supplies and inventory your property so that there’s no chance of it being lost in transition. There’s no better company in Calabasas CA to make it happen than Inside Moves. We can guarantee it.

We’ve been in the business for over 40 years and in that time we’ve learned a great deal about how to ease the burden on our customers in addition, how to properly care for their valued items and possessions. We strive to provide the best service at affordable prices to all of our customers because it starts with our staff. After all each member of our staff is trained personally by the owner and exemplifies our values and principals that we’ve cultivated over our many years of dedicated service. Our “A+” rating from the BBB is just a reflection of our commitment to customer care and quality work so if you’re looking for movers in Calabasas, you can’t go wrong with selecting Inside Moves Relocation Service. Inside Moves is the best moving company in Calabasas CA and the whole of Los Angeles.


What Does A Moving Company Calabasas Do?

Inside Moves is here to meet all of your moving needs by being the most affordable movers, Calabasas. This is because we recognize that not all moves are the same, just like the people who are moving aren’t the same. That’s why we offer a variety of different options for residential movers near Calabasas, and commercial movers, Calabasas. So that way we’re always ready to meet your moving needs. We work with you to figure out what you need and what services would best fit with your budget and help you move, therefore including a senior moving service for our older clients. Our prices are competitive, and we’re always ready to meet your moving needs however you need no matter what they are. Inside Moves Relocation Services are the best movers in the Calabasas area.

We offer many services that serve a variety of different clients. We offer both residential and commercial movers Calabasas. This is because it’s not always your home that’s moving. Sometimes you need to move your office or business. That’s where Inside Moves can be of assistance because we want to help you move your business easily, and with as little stress on you as possible. Therefore as a part of making life easy for your business or family is that we offer a packing and unpacking service. This way, we come and put your items into boxes and pack them away. When we get to your new location, we’ll unpack as well. With Inside Moves you’re never enduring the stress on your own.

Image of a mother and son
Residential Moves

We are fully licensed & insured professional residential movers in Calabasas, CA. 40+ Years experience and highly trained staff.

Residential Moving Service
Image of grand parents with grand kids
Senior Moves

We are reliable, highly trained, compassionate senior movers in Calabasas, CA. Insured and Licenced.

Senior Moving Service
Image of a lady starring in a group
Commercial Moves

We are fully licensed & insured professional commercial movers in Calabasas , CA. 40+ Years experience and highly trained staff.

Office Moving Service
Image of a mother and son
Pack And Unpack

We provide the best packers and movers service in Calabasas, CA that takes that headache off of you. Safe and reliable.

Pack Unpack Service
Best moving company in los angeles
Happy moving customers

You will notice from our reviews that our customers love us.

Moves per year

We never stop moving. We move homes, offices, seniors and more.

Boxed packed

Number of boxes we pack and unpack per week.

Seniors moved

We specialty will always be senior moves.

Check Out Our Moving Company
Calabasas Process

Our moving process is simple and easy so that there’s less stress on you. This is a process that we’ve honed over our 40 years in this business. However everything we do is for the betterment of our customers and designed to make the process more transparent and stress-free on you, the customer through this stressful time.

Best moving company in los angeles
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Get in touch with electricity and gas companies, internet & sanitation service providers in Calabasas.

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Get in touch with the department of water and power in Calabasas.

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Get in touch with the internet and phone providers in Calabasas.

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Get in touch with the sanitation and environment in Calabasas.


Weather and Statistics
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Get to know about Calabasas weather and neighborhood statistics including population, income, and other demographic statistics.

  • Population: 24,169
  • Average Age: 43.4
  • Median Income: $114,143
  • Median Home Value: $1,179,994


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Inside Moves Relocation Services has been a member of California Moving and Storage Association since 2000 and is growing steadily. We provide our services all across Los Angeles County. Moving to Calabasas soon? Get to know a few things about it first. In other words it is a laid back suburb where many A-list celebrities stay. We provide movers in Malibu for you for easy moving. However with picturesque mountain views and an amazing school district, Calabasas is the place to be. Surrounded by cities such as Santa Monica and Malibu. We offer any service that you may require anywhere you are.


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Fully licensed and insured, A+ rated by BBB, member of the California Moving and Storage Association. We provide the best prices, experienced movers, great customer service.



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