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Moving Tips And How To Get A Moving Quote

July 21, 2020

With the current global situation amid a pandemic, things may feel uncertain or difficult. With the re-closing of restaurants, shops, and other services, we must continue the social distancing to keep communities safe. If you are planning a move or are in the middle of relocating, this process may seem tricky during these times. Whether you’re thinking about purchasing a new house or renting a new space, you are probably experiencing different challenges while trying to move. You may notice a lack of supplies available or different precautions. It’s important to know that you can still feel confident in your move while keeping yourself and others safe. Here is a guide on moving tips and how to get a moving quote.

If you are able to stay where you are, we encourage putting off moving until more begins to open up again. Moving is considered essential, but for the health of yourself and others, hold off if you are able. If you are unable, don’t fear as many moving companies have enforced extra precautions for your health. Be sure to choose a moving company that puts your safety and health at top priority.

We highly encourage speaking directly with the moving company in order to discuss all steps and guidelines. Their safe precautions may include:

Virtual Meetings And Tours

With a smartphone, computer, or tablet it’s simple to set up a virtual chat with your moving company of choice. This process allows customers to show their home using an estimator and video call function on their device. usually includes scheduling an apt, using a link, and following those link guidelines. If the process seems confusing, don’t hesitate to call the moving company to speak with someone directly.

If you’re looking for new homes, many moving agents are recording homes for pre-recorded tours for houses, apartments, or studios. Others are using video-chat applications to walk clients through the entire space. This way they can hear and respond to questions and concerns in real-time. According to an article by HuffPost, “Karen Feldman, a licensed real estate agent for Triplemint, also hosts in-person virtual showings, incorporating video chatting with clients so that she can virtually walk them through an entire space. “I’ll show all the details, like water pressure, closets, under the sinks to show no mold, and tell them what I hear or don’t hear in the building,”. This is a great example of how people are re-assessing and finding solutions on how to continue moving forward amid a pandemic.

Benefits Of Virtual Meetings

Some benefits of virtual meetings for a moving quote include them being fast, convenient, and simple. This feature also allows you to receive a virtual price estimate allowing you to get all the information you need about going forward in your move, right from home.

Additional guidelines your moving company should follow include social distancing measures, increased daily cleaning plus mandatory gloves, and masks for all workers. If you’re unsure about hiring a moving company due to being around people, it’s interesting to think about the moving company’s perspective. When hiring a company you let “them assume responsibility for everyone’s safety, and professional movers are incentivized to practice cautionary measures, such as wiping down all equipment, wearing face masks, and maintaining at least 6 feet between themselves and you”.

Furthermore, the movers are going to “take the risk out of the equation because they’re trained to do this and know how to do it better, and they’re going to bring all the equipment and take care of it”. This is a point made by Mike Glanz, founder of Hire a Helper. It’s interesting to note and keep in mind that these moving companies are going to be extremely cautious and overly safe while navigating this pandemic due to their training and responsibility.

Ways To Keep Safe While Moving

If you’re currently moving, there are many steps and considerations to take. From only using new boxes to virtual tours, moving during a global pandemic has its own set of challenges. Most companies understand that right now we all want to protect our families and limit the number of people we come in contact with. Thankfully, most moving companies have set up virtual meetings or tools that allow you to get a quote for your move. You can find a moving quote right here for you. Without in-person contact, we are using technology and the community to find solutions to all moving challenges.

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