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Questions To Ask A Moving Company | Inside Moves Relocation

Frequently Asked

Looking for some fast answers to keep your move running smooth? Check out these common questions for additional help along the way.

We are A+ rated by BBB and a member of the California Moving and Storage Association since 2000. We are fully licensed & insured. Our license number is: PUC 190098
The best answer is as soon as possible. if you decide to move during the summer months, at least eight weeks before you should hire a moving company. Summer is the busiest month for movers. The sooner you plan, the better deal you’ll get and the larger selection of movers. It makes a difference in the price you pay, the money you’ll save, and the quality of the service.
If you want a written estimate an estimator has to come to your home to do a visual inspection. A written estimate is given and has a not to exceed price listed. On the day of the move you will be charged based on how long the move actually takes and the estimate is your cap UNLESS you change something (ie., estimator didn’t know about stairs at the unload, you said certain items were not moving but on moving day you changed your mind, elevator broke you will be charged for having to use the stairs because it takes longer).
Once you schedule your move a confirmation will be mailed or emailed. You will be sent a copy of the Contract and Packing Tips. READ through the information. Check the moving from and moving to addresses, are the dates correct? Contact the moving company right away if something is incorrect on the paperwork.
The documents a mover is required to provide is a free estimate, an order for service and an explanation of valuation. Usually, a free moving estimate includes transportation charges, labor, packing services, storage charges, insurance, and any other accessorial services.
Moving during winter is better than moving during the summer. Moving companies in Los Angeles will not be as busy, they’ll also be more likely to meet your scheduling needs. This flexibility allows you to move on to your ideal schedule and timeline.
Every move is different and requires a custom moving plan. Some items that affect the time overall, in order of impact, are: How close we can park the truck to your location. How many flights of stairs do we have to climb? Long hallways/long carry out to the truck. How much furniture needs to be moved. How many boxes must be loaded and unloaded? How many odds and ends (unpacked items)? Size of the elevator. How far your current location is from the one you are moving to? Additional pickups and stops. How you prep your items go within the home and whether items will fit. How many items need to be disassembled and reassembled?
Studio/1 Bedroom (600sqft) 2-4hrs (1-2 movers) 2 Bedrooms (800sqft) 3-5hrs (2-3 movers) 3 Bedrooms (1300sqft) 4-6hrs (2-3 movers) 4 Bedrooms (1800sqft) 6-7hrs (2-4 movers) 5 Bedrooms (2000+sqft) 7-9hrs (3-4 movers)
Inside Moves Relocation movers call you before they come to your location. The moving start time is typically 8:00 Am.
Yes, On the day of the move, you must be present. There is paperwork to sign, and you need to instruct the movers exactly what is being moved. After the movers have loaded the truck, you will be asked to do a walkthrough. That is the time to point out anything that may have been missed once the truck drives away. They are done. At the unloading, they will place boxes in rooms based on the rooms written on the boxes (ie., bedroom, kitchen, garage). Furniture will be placed in the location you specify. It is helpful if you already have a basic idea of where you want furniture placed. If the movers have to keep rearranging and switching furniture around, it will take longer, and you are paying hourly.
Our moving crew is licensed and insured, as well as professionally trained to do the job.
We have been part of the moving industry since 1975, and we opened our own moving company in North LA in 2000.
Call us right away as soon as you know your moving date has changed.
Local moving is hourly, and long-distance moving is weight and mileage. Packing is additional if needed.
Local is at the end of the moving service. Long-distance is upon delivery, and a deposit is sometimes charged.
A walkthrough is when our moving specialist comes to your home and determines the scope of the job and, from that, builds the estimate.
Sixty cents per pound which is free. Full replacement evaluation with a deductible at an additional cost.
Although a claim should be filed as soon as possible, you have 90 days from the date of delivery to file a claim.
Jewelry, guns, artwork, antiques,
Yes, we have several storage solutions.
We have full-service packing and unpacking. We can package any kind of fragile item. We also provide a crating service.
Yes, our drivers will happily load and unload the boxes you pack.
In your dresser, you can put clothes, but nothing breakable or spillable. On your desk, you have a backup of everything.
Yes. Of course, we can. As your estimator does the walkthrough, you can ask him how we would pack that item.
Disconnect and ready to move.
We prefer you to take these valuable items with you.
Yes. However, it is a good idea to consult with your Gardner first.
Yes, we move all types of pianos.
If you have children, it is recommended to make a move while they are in school or daycare.. It’s a much less stressful day for you if your children are not home on moving day.
No. We do not move pets.
Make sure pets are in their cat/dog carrier prior to the movers arriving. Animals are curious and can get underfoot. If your dog isn’t good around strangers, please have them tied up or in their carrier. The moving company cannot transport any live animal no dogs, cats, fish, or reptiles are allowed in the truck.
Yes, you can. Our local movers do accept tips.

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