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Our Senior Movers Los Angeles impart a special touch to the move for seniors , possibly with the use of a moving manager. Inside Moves has excellent working relationships for a complete solution.

Senior moving is one that takes a special touch, possibly with the use of a moving manager. Inside Moves has excellent working relationships for a complete solution.

Inside Moves also specializes in senior moving from one residence to another. We understand the tension and highly-charged emotions that this type of move can spark. So we do whatever we can to make the transition as easy as possible. We have developed working relationships with several senior facilities in the West Valley areas, which allow us to get in and out of the facilities quickly. We mostly service the West Valley, but extend beyond those boundaries as well.


Senior moving is a specialty that demands more customer service skills and patience than any other type of moving. The family as well as the mover must coordinate with the senior home on many things. Here’s a list of helpful things to consider if moving into a senior home, assisted living facility, or retirement home:

  1. Most seniors are going from a 2-3 bedroom house to a much smaller living area. The first step should be a thorough spring cleaning, reviewing items that need to be donated, sold, or given to family and friends. There are also senior moving managers that can be a great help, and we would be happy to refer ones that we have successfully worked with.
  2. Finalize the facility that the senior will be moving to. This is often a long process with many considerations, including cost, location, level of care, activities, food, etc.
  3. Once a new space has been selected, the floor plan can be used to place the items, furniture, and collectibles into the new space. This is an additional time to streamline and determine what will be able to fit in the new space.
  4. Obtain a free estimate from Inside Moves to professionally pack, store, and move your goods for your senior family member from start to finish.

Our crews have a variety of experiences that will help your family make this transition as easy as possible. Inside Moves has worked with many of the senior facilities in the San Fernando Valley, Los Angeles, and Ventura areas. We will come to your home and review what is being moved and will also review the new senior facility for a variety of items, including the size, space and access. We will carefully review all of the details as part of the estimate, and put the plan in place for greater peace of mind.

The senior move is one that takes a special touch. Your selected movers must be patient and keep things organized and calm. Inside Moves has that ability and can make your senior moving experience a more pleasurable one.