Important: Updates on our response to the COVID-19 outbreak

Tips for Moving During The Coronavirus Outbreak

April 27, 2020

With the current pandemic, the state of our world and country may feel uncertain and often challenging. Things have slowed down to minimize contact including retail shops, restaurants switching to delivery, and pick-up along with social distancing. While things may feel like they have stopped, we are all still pushing forward with each day. This is especially true if you are experiencing a move. Whether you’ve just leased an apartment, bought a new house, or are moving into a new space, you are likely experiencing a new and interesting reality. Things may be harder to get a hold of for moving during this time, but you’re also experiencing how alive the moving process is with leases or new mortgages. With moving, you will still be packing your belongings in boxes and doing everything necessary to do it. Your move can still happen, but it’s more important than ever to do things safely to not put yourself at greater risk. Here are some guidelines to follow for a safe move during the coronavirus outbreak.

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What Moving or Storage Services are available?

You may be wondering what services are available as many businesses are currently closed. To put your mind at ease, it seems that most moving companies in Los Angeles are still offering services. At the moment, States have not ordered moving services to close which leaves many available to support movers during these times. 

Additionally, most Los Angeles movers including West Hollywood movers and moving company, Sherman Oaks are using more precautions including social distancing regulations to keep your family and their staff safe. If you are concerned about these new processes or have additional questions, we recommend calling your moving company. Contact them directly to learn more about how they are working smart and safe. Furthermore, if anyone in your family seems ill, it is your responsibility to share this information and alert your moving company. Communication and honesty are one way to help keep communities safe. 

If you are concerned about storage services, many remain open. Like moving companies, they may have different regulations or rules due to coronavirus. Some may have reduced hours or new social distancing processes. Again, you should contact your storage facility of choice before visiting in-person to gather your belongings. Be courteous and cautious of ambien online pharmacy new requirements and rules for a smooth and easy experience. 

Making Your Move Easier

Besides accessing which Los Angeles movers are available and open for service, there are other elements to consider with your move. 

To keep your movers and yourself as safe as possible it is key to being honest and clear about any illnesses. If you have been diagnosed with coronavirus, you should tell your movers. It is unlikely that you will be turned away from services due to any sickness, but instead that companies will simply and happily take greater precautions. They also want to keep their crew safe and their business open. 

Another tip is to avoid using moving boxes or materials from a 2nd party. This doesn’t mean you can’t re-use your boxes, but we recommend buying new to avoid as much person to person contact. 

Moving right now can be perceived as easier or more difficult based on each person’s situation. While you are still able to move during this current time, you can also consider canceling if you or a family member are at higher risk. Be safe and cautious when moving, use this extra time to plan, and we hope you have a smooth process getting ready for your new home. 

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