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Tips For Moving Safely During Winter

November 12, 2020

Moving in the winter is not ideal for obvious reasons. Depending on where you live, it’s probably going to be freezing. Perhaps even rainy, snowy, or icy. This means not only can the experience not be fun, but it can also potentially be slippery and unsafe. While you may save a pretty penny, you’ll still find that moving during this time of year comes with its own set of challenges. However, you will probably be able to get more options for which services you can get and when you can use them because there’s less demand. Here are some tips for moving safely during winter for you.

Consider Moving Options

It should not come as a surprise that moving in the winter months hides a number of risks for you as a home mover and depending on the specific climatic conditions on Moving day, things can get rather dangerous for everyone involved in the house move. Moving in the winter by yourself does sound pretty straightforward and if you’re lucky to be relocating in very mild winter conditions with no snow or ice-covered roads, no extreme subzero temperatures, no strong ice-cold winds and definitely no blizzards of any sorts, then there’s no good reason why you shouldn’t treat your winter self-move as if it were a summer one.

Save Money

It all comes down to taking a good hard look at your winter move from different angles and deciding what’s best for you and your family. A self-move can be really gratifying but it’s also true that any attempt to move by yourself in inclement winter weather is just not worth the great risks of sustaining personal injuries, inflicting property damage or causing harm to your valuable possessions. And in case you are moving cross country in the winter, then hiring professional movers in Los Angeles to help you relocate quickly and safely is the best option.

Pack For Winter Weather

Even good packers may not always realize that there are certain distinctions between packing for a summer move and packing for a winter move. The major difference between the two packing scenarios is, of course, the ambient temperature. Even if your home is pleasantly warm and all, you should think about the sub-zero temperatures your packed household items will be subjected to the moment they are out of the threshold of your residence. To make things worse, the temperature inside non-climate-controlled moving trucks can get extremely low and thus endanger the well-being of your more sensitive and fragile possessions.

Keep Walkways Snow And Ice-Free

Our tips for moving in the winter can’t possibly be complete if we fail to mention your top priority when moving in the winter months is safety. No matter how you look at it, your winter scheduled move remains a dangerous endeavor and you must do all in your power to keep things safe for everyone involved in the relocation process. The very first step to providing winter moving safety is to clear the driveway, walkways and sidewalks around your house from accumulated snow and formed ice.

Keep Warm

This is so obvious and logical that can be easily overlooked by the majority of home movers. Don’t forget that you’re moving in the winter and the best way to fight the cold outside is to keep the warmth inside. Be sure to wear appropriate winter clothing to stay warm. Whatever you choose to wear shouldn’t restrict your movements as moving day is all about moving from one place to another. Protect your fingers and hands with durable work cloves as your upper limbs, together with your feet, are the ones most prone to freezing during your chilly winter move.

Attention To Your New Home

there’s one crucial pre-move task which you shouldn’t leave for later is to arrange for the connection of the major utilities in your destination at least a few days or preferably a full week before your move-in date. This task is really important so don’t let it slip off your mind. After all, having none of the essential utilities right after you move in would be bad especially during the winter. So make sure you don’t forget about it. Having tips for moving safely during winter will help you get there but you should do the rest.

Plan Ahead

It is important that you exercise extreme caution while moving in wintertime. What makes a winter move so difficult apart from the cold, snow and ice is the total unpredictability of the season. You need to be ready for anything as the weather could suddenly take a turn for the worse not letting you move out. Contact your moving company and discuss the possibility of rescheduling the moving date in the name of safety. Good movers know all about the challenges of moving in the winter and will most likely cooperate with you to find the best solution under the presented circumstances.

Prepare Your Vehicle for Moving

Have your vehicle serviced roughly a week before moving day to minimize any possibilities of breakdowns or accidents during the relocation journey. Before you hit the road, make sure you have loaded the following items into your car:

Plan well

Now that you have read all the tips for moving safely during winter all you need to do next is plan well and get moving.

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