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Tips to Stay Cool While Moving in Summer

May 5, 2020

You may be surprised to know summer is considered ‘peak season’ for moving. Especially in Porter Ranch, with increased temperatures and longer days of sunshine, moving during the summer can be difficult for anyone. In Porter Ranch, temperatures are likely in the 80 or 90-degree Fahrenheit range. Consider these tips to stay cool while moving in summer such as staying hydrated, planning ahead, and researching affordable movers in Porter Ranch.  

Sunset in Porter Ranch

Summer Attire :

For a summer move, dress accordingly for ultimate comfort and movement. Try to wear lightweight fabrics that are breathable so that your body is comfortable in the summer heat. Avoid fabrics that tend to make you feel hot like synthetic fabrics and dark colors that absorb more heat. Wearing sneakers that let your feet breathe like running shoes is also a good idea while you’ll likely be moving around a lot. Consider wearing additional accessories including sunglasses or buy cheap sleep ativan a wide-brimmed hat to further protect you from the sun. 

Early Bird :

In Porter Ranch, where the summer sun shines bright early in the day, we suggest starting your move as early as possible. By waking up earlier in the morning and getting out before the sun is at its peak, you will avoid scorching temperatures. Avoid times between 11 am to 3 pm as this is when UV rays are considered strongest. Many Porter Ranch movers will likely prefer starting early as well. 

Staying Hydrated : 

Water bottle to stay hydrate during move

Water and staying hydrated are essential even without a move. While you’re on the go while moving boxes and packing up possessions, this is even more critical. Drinking enough water is important but unfortunately, it is often forgotten. Keep a large reusable water bottle on you at all times to avoid dehydration. 

Wear Sunscreen :

Along with drinking enough water, it’s just as important to protect your skin. Cover all exposed skin with sunscreen before you get started on your move. 15 minutes before-hand is the general guideline before heading outside. It’s also important to reapply throughout the day. 

Hire a Moving Company : 

Moving Truck on Road,Affordable Movers in Porter Ranch

To help with your summer move, consider hiring a moving company to take some of the stress and pressure off. Look into the best moving companies in Los Angeles to assist you as they can take care of packing possessions, archiving, and transportation.

Handle with Care :

It’s no secret that things get hot in the sun. But it can be unpleasant and quite painful when you try to pick up an item and scorch your hand in the process. Be aware of items and handles that may heat up in the sun as they can become a danger. Also, be wary of items that may melt! A pro moving tip is to keep these belongings inside or under a covering while you move. Another suggestion is to wear handling gloves to avoid burning yourself during the move. 

Recharge :

Woman Relaxing in the porch

When it comes to handling care, also take care of yourself and your body. Know when to take breaks for water or simply a breather. The last thing you want while moving is to feel unwell or overheat. By taking necessary breaks you can recharge or reset to come back at the task with more energy. This will help you feel better but also make you more efficient in the overall process.

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