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Top 3 Things To Pack First When Moving | The Moving Blog

March 15, 2018

Moving can be very tedious. The thought of packing the things you have gathered over the years can be stressful. The best thing to do is use a moving company that offers pack and unpack services .
When moving, deciding what should go first and what should go last is a decision you will face. Moving companies that help you through the process are a great portion. This is a lot less stress when moving house.

Pack and Unpack services

Using a moving company that provides pack and unpack services is a common thing.
When using moving company, pick one that has a good track record. Using a moving service will give you peace of mind and make the moving process smooth.
Use a moving company that will ensure that you have packed everything. Ask the company to do a walk-through of your previous house. Make sure the moving company offers tracking services. This will help you keep track of your belongings.

What you be packing first

When packing up items for moving, the household items you pack the first will depends on the number of days or weeks you use in packing. If you are packing up at once (moving everything the same day), you would probably not be concerned about the order you pack. The only consideration will be if some of your items are going into storage. Items going into storage should be packed first and sent off.
When moving over a period ( days or weeks), you will be packing in bits.

The first three set of items to pack up will be :

1.The storage

Packing your storeroom first will help you reduce the bulk of items you are moving with. Some stuff in the store might be trashed at the end of the day. Some will be labeled for charity and shelters. The useful ones will be labeled for storage in the new place.

2. The least used rooms

The next place to pack up is the rooms that are not used often. Rooms like the guest room, the Attic and any extra room you have should be packed up next. These rooms are not often in use and will most likely not be needed in a couple of day or weeks it will take for you to move completely to the new place.

3. Least needed items

Leave off packing household and personal essentials until the last week or days. Pack the household and personal items you can do without for at least a month like extra clothes, shoes,towels and books. Pack up kitchen wares and electrical appliances that you will not be needing anytime soon.

Finally, pack the last household and personal items in the last week of moving. Leave only the clothes you need for the last day of moving.

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