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Our Westwood Movers are responsible  

Our moving company, Inside Moves Relocation, can be a fantastic way to reduce hassle while moving. With our professional experience the whole event can be made much smoother. While it does come at an extra cost, the reduction in stress more than makes up for the expense. Generally when moving long distances, moving a large volume of items, or moving high-expense items, hiring our moving company is a good choice.

The reason for this is that our Westwood movers are held accountable. If your things are broken in the process of moving by yourself, you’re out of luck unless you already have your items insured. With our moving company, Inside Moves, your goods are in our hands and become their responsibility while they are transported. Our moving company generally offers additional packing and unpacking services for a full-spectrum deal, and the appropriate accountability is upheld here as well.

Our Services

Our services includes  

  • Residential commercial and senior moves
  • Local & long distance moves
  • Apartment moves

We can handle bulky items, delicate items and heavy objects, such as:

We can handle bulky, delicate and heavy items, such as:  

  • Grandfather clocks
  • Ping pong tables and pool tables
  • Arts & antiques
  • Swing sets
  • Pianos & organs
  • Boxes
  • Insurance
  • A free estimate

When choosing a Westwood moving company consider a few things: what are their moving rates, what is their distance range, (whether they are a local or national moving company), do they have insurance, and what do third party reviews say about each of the available options? Generally all moving companies provide similar services at varying rates, so the most important things are customer support and the cost. A good track record doesn’t hurt either. There are, however, always organizations that will not provide quality professional service and will charge an unfair amount for their low level of quality. Sometimes it can be hard to discern a “good” company from a “bad” company, and this is why doing extra third party research can be a great idea.

When moving specializes items, such as antiques, pianos, etc., make sure to confirm that your choice of moving company can provide the necessary support. In the Westwood area, there is a large number of companies with an excellent track record in specialized moving jobs, and Inside Moves is a top tier pro moving company. Choosing a moving company to take care of things like a piano, expensive antiques, or heavy equipment is always recommended. Moving large items can be dangerous without professional experience, to both the items and the movers. Paying for a dedicated moving service, like Inside Moves Relocation company, may have a higher up-front cost, but again, the benefits in such a scenario far outweigh the cost. All in all, our moving company may not be for everybody. There are always scenarios where moving is easy enough to handle alone. However, no matter what the situation, having somebody with experience tackle all the logistics, moving, and packing or unpacking can be an invaluable time saver.



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