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What You Need To Know About Encino

November 2, 2020

Encino has been a popular city since way back in the mid-1800s. It is located near the southern part of the San Fernando Valley and has gorgeous communities and beautiful mountain views. Any Encino Moving company is happy getting a lot of work as more and more people are moving for all the real estate opportunities and end up staying because of the great weather. It is also a popular hub for many medical and healthcare professionals who work in nearby medical centers. If you plan on moving to Encino take a look at what you need to know about Encino.

Los Encinos State Park

One of the most popular places in Encino is the Los Encinos State Park. It is home to many interesting buildings as well such as the De La Ossa abode and the old blacksmith shop. This area has a lot of unique history and plenty of things to do as well. You can enjoy a beautiful picnic to your heart’s content in the view of the plants and trees. Some of the buildings in the area have local artifacts like desks or old wedding dresses. Some even have antique kitchen utensils. Once a month the blacksmith shop does demonstrations on how to make things like horseshoes.

People in Encino

Encino is a nice place to raise your kids. As the current population of Encino is around 56,00 and out of that 38% are families with kids. There are a lot of fun activities for the kids to take part in. Like the Los Angeles Zoo which is only a 30-minute drive away. Encino has a good balance of activities so that the kids and adults can both enjoy outside. A good idea to get what you need to know about Encino is to ask around.

SuihoEn: The Japanese Garden

There are many places in Encino that you could go to if you enjoy Japanese culture. Out of them the best one to go to is SuihoEn Japanese Garden. It is regarded as one of the most beautiful and tranquil places to go to in Encino. With the experience of waterfalls, unique lanterns, water gardens and beautiful bridges. It is a sight to see. Visitors come here to enjoy the peaceful nature all the time.

Housing Market

If you do plan to buy a house in Encino you should know that the average cost of a home is around 1 Million which is higher than the average cost of a house in Los Angeles. The prices for houses in Encino have been increasing nonstop. Since last year the prices have gone up 9.8% and are estimates to go even higher. If you do plan to rent instead of buying a house the average rent prices in Encino are $3,800 per month. The rent prices have also been on the rise recently. The prices in Encino are a little higher than the average however they also offer easy access to all the amenities.

Cost of Living

If we remove the housing cost from the equation the cost of living in Encino is pretty much the same as that of Los Angeles. Everything from healthcare, transportation as well as food and groceries is the same. The Local transportation options are also the same as the Los Angeles that is Metro, Taxi services and standard rideshare options like Uber and Lyft.

Best Neighborhoods

When looking for a place to live you would want to live in the best neighborhoods. To find the best neighborhoods in the area you have to look around. Places near the Sepulveda Basin Recreation Area are a good choice. Like Encino Village, you will be able to find spacious single-family homes all around the residential area as most of these places are meant for families. Before deciding to move to Encino a good option would be to take a drive down Ventura Boulevard which cuts right through the center of the town. This will give you a quick look at the neighborhood before you move into it. After all, seeing the area is the best option. The entire town has a very low crime rate so there is nothing to worry about there. Talk a drive around to find out what you need to know about Encino.

Schools And Education

If you are moving with your family you would want an area with a nice school and education for your children. Though you won’t be able to find many options but the choices you do have offer a strong educational curriculum. After all one of the top elementary schools is Encino Charter Elementary School which has a 10/10 rating compared to other LA elementary programs. There are also various universities if you have older children.

Places to Eat

You could always travel to Los Angeles to get a nice fancy meal as it is not that far away. However, there are many places you could try out in Encino itself. Take Lakeside Cafe For example you could sit and enjoy your local and organic food with a beautiful view of the lake at any time of the day. If you are in the mood for a burger or hotdog just head over to The Stand to enjoy a nice juicy meal. If you could like to have some top-rated sushi you could always go to the Fish House. They will take care of any of your seafood needs. If you are looking to try something different and new you can go to Green Cottage. They offer a unique selection of Mediterranean cuisine.


The Climate in Encino is one of the main reasons why people decide to move to Encino. It is Less than 45 minutes to the beach from here so the breeze is always in the air around here. It is cool and comfortable all year round. It never gets too cold that you won’t be able to go out. The summers never go too high either keeping it right in the middle. This is the most optimal temperature which most people look for.

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