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Why Hire A Moving Company in Sherman Oaks

April 19, 2022

The process of moving comes with a ton of choices. It starts all the way back with which Realtor to hire, which house to buy, and which furniture to move – are all hard enough decisions to think about themselves. Add in the choice over whether to move yourself or hire movers, and it’s no wonder so many people feel totally overwhelmed and dread every part of moving before they even start packing their boxes. Thankfully, we’re here to help you figure out which of these moving methods is the right one for you and why you should hire a moving company in Sherman Oaks.

Deciding whether to hire movers or move yourself largely depends on your budget, proximity to the new home, complexity of the move and your own personality. Many folks who are looking for a moving company in Sherman Oaks are simply unable to physically carry a couch and mattress down a flight of stairs to begin with. Not to mention, most friends aren’t heavy lifting types. So – needless to say – that leaves many of us with the one option of hiring movers. However, there are plenty of people out there who have successfully completed numerous DIY moves and might have saved a penny or two while doing so.

Before making your decision on whether or not to hire movers, take a look at these pros and cons for each option.

Moving Yourself


Save money!

If you’re on a tight budget, then a DIY move is probably for you. Even if you’re just relocating next door, the expenses incurred from hiring a moving company can quickly add up and exceed expectations. However, if you rent a moving truck, you could save thousands. For instance, U-Haul’s largest moving truck option holds four-plus bedrooms and costs around $40 to rent. When selecting your U-Haul, you have the option of choosing add-ons and loading supplies for a fee as well.

Pack however you want

When preparing for a DIY move, you don’t have to worry about perfectly packing all of your belongings. Movers will want all of your boxes to be sealed and ready to go when they arrive. But by moving yourself, you won’t necessarily have to box up odd-shaped belongings, such as lamps and plants. You won’t have to obsess over how to box up other items, like simple pillows and blankets, either. You can pack as little or as much as you want – as long as everything is in that truck on moving day, you’re good to go.

Total control over your move!

In my opinion, the greatest pro to a DIY move is the fact that you are in complete control over the entire moving process. Not only do you get to choose the truck and all of your moving supplies, but you also can handle all the boxes yourself to ensure that nothing breaks in the process. Committing to a DIY move means that you have the flexibility to decide when to begin the move and when to end the move. If you’re moving in bad weather, you get to decide how best to protect your belongings. You’re also in control of how to load the truck, and you don’t have to worry about movers dumping boxes and furniture in rooms they don’t belong.



Don’t get me wrong: hiring a moving company also takes planning. But coordinating an entire move yourself is going to take A LOT of planning. You’ll have to figure out the logistics of getting your stuff from point A to point B. You’ll also have to plan out the best way to properly load the rented moving truck – which items go in first and last – and how they are arranged inside the truck.

Unexpected problems arise – If something unexpected happens – like your couch getting stuck in the door – you may be out of luck. Without the assistance of professional movers and certain moving tools, you could end up wasting hours trying to fix the situation – instead of relaxing on that couch inside your new home.

Heavy lifting

In my opinion, the worst thing about a DIY move, is the fact that you’re going to have to move everything yourself. Unless, of course, that duty happens to fall on the shoulders of your beefiest (and clearly, best) friends. Still, lifting all of those boxes and clunky pieces of furniture is not going to be a walk in the park – especially if there are a lot of staircases to worry about. If you or your friends are inexperienced movers, you could mark or scratch up the walls while lifting couches and beds down the stairs. A one-bedroom apartment may be easy enough to move without professionals, but a five-bedroom may just break your back.

Hiring a Moving Comany in Sherman Oaks


Less stressful hopefully overall

In general, hiring movers saves you from many of the common moving day stresses. In addition to a moving company’s time-saving benefits, hiring help will also save you from having to maneuver a giant moving truck down the highway. Moving trucks are notoriously tricky and challenging to drive. Trailers aren’t much easier either. If the idea of loading and driving a large moving truck stresses you out, then I highly recommend hiring movers to help.

You won’t have to lift a finger

Leave the heavy lifting to the professionals. After all, these trained movers were hired for a reason. By enlisting a reputable moving company, you won’t have to worry about lifting and carrying any of your heavy couches down the stairs and out the door. You also won’t have to worry about straining muscles, scratching up new floors or begging friends to help with the lifting. Instead you can focus on babysitting your children, watching your pet and other important tasks at hand. Or you can just kick back and relax.


Assuming that you’ve hired a legitimate and experienced moving company, I’d venture to say that your movers will be pretty reliable. Unlike friends who can flake, the moving company is under contract to assist with all agreed upon aspects of the move. The moving company should arrive on time with the appropriate moving supplies and equipment – saving you from the not-so-fun task of gathering dollies and furniture pads at the last minute. In the long run, hiring a reputable relocation company saves the customer a lot of moving hours.


Less flexibility

When you hire professional movers, you limit your own control over the move. From the date/time of pick-up to the manner in which the movers load your belongings, there’s not much you can do to change when and how you move. Worst case scenario: you could end up waiting weeks for your moving truck to arrive, if the relocation company has multiple stops along the way. For those who like to be in complete control, hiring a moving company may not be the best option for you.


Chances are, you don’t personally know your movers. Handing over your precious belongings to complete strangers can be a bit nerve-racking, to say the least. That’s why it’s so important to do your homework, read reviews and check ratings before enlisting a moving company to help you with your relocation.

To avoid moving scams and rip-offs, we recommend hiring from InsideMovesRelocation! Also, make sure that the moving company performs either an in-person inspection or a video survey of your home before giving you a quote. We would love to be your moving company in the Sherman Oaks area, please visit our website to call for a quote today at!

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