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Why Moving To The Valley Is Good

November 18, 2020

Here is what you need to know about Canoga Park. It is a diverse neighborhood in the western part of the San Fernando Valley region. It’s mainly a residential area of modest, ranch-styled homes. However, it does have many good and affordable restaurants. They have a variety of cuisines from Thai to Mexican and Italian to Vietnamese. There are a lot of fast-food restaurants located in this area as well. Though like other areas in the San Fernando Valley, it is much hotter compared to central and west Los Angeles, it often reaches 100F/38C in summer. So here is a list of why moving to the valley is good even now.


One of the major things in the Valley is that it is practically built on free parking. Doesn’t matter where you are whether it’s on the street or at any of the shopping centers, there is always ample parking and you will most likely not have to pay for it. Unlike other cities in the Los Angeles area, the street signs in the valley are very clear to understand. In the valley, you don’t have to run back to your car if you are forgetful and worry about the parking enforcement. In many areas, they don’t even check it. IIf parking has always been a trouble for in other places the valley is the place for you.


If you’re looking to get away from the dirt and the occasional palm tree-lined streets, The Valley will give you what you want. There is grass pretty much everywhere you look. It’s not uncommon to see large bougainvilleas, rose bushes and trees. There are not only palm trees over here though, but there are also a bunch of other trees as well. The streets would look beautiful as well depending on the seasons, you can also get a glimpse of seasons, like fall.

Lower Cost of Living

Another reason which makes many people move to the valley is the cost of living. Compared to the other cities in Los Angeles the cost of living is typically less expensive. But not only is the land cheaper it is also bigger and larger compared to the other places. So if you like the location and the climate this would be an amazing place to move to.

Feels Like the Midwest

Staying in Los Angeles can be very compacted and busy compared to other states. If you are from the Midwest you would love the valley. This is because the Valley is probably the most similar to the midwest with its laid-back feeling and relaxed environment compared to others. Plus in addition to giving you the midwest feeling, you are also close to a major city that is Los Angeles. So come take a look at the valley and you will understand why moving to the valley is good.

Film Infrastructure

Even though Hollywood has the reputation for being the heart of the film industry, there are many studios located in the valley through major companies like Warner Brothers, Universal and CBS. This area is home to a lot of different vendors and film aspects. So if you are moving to Los Angeles for the film industry check out the valley as it could help you save a lot of money and make it easier for you to transition into the industry.

Less Crowded Hikes

Runyon Canyon in Los Angeles is famous for its views and a lot of people go hiking up there to take pictures and look at the city. But if you want to hike without any of the crowds, choosing to hike in The Valley would be a great option. Like Fryman Canyon in Studio City or Wildwood Canyon in Burbank both these places have gorgeous views and are very close to Canoga Park in the valley. This would help you as you could be alone while exercising.


Holidays in major cities may not always be nice but here in the valley holidays are always celebrated with a blast. After all, there is a reason why people come in from across town to experience Halloween in The Valley. Residents in the valley go all out in decorating their homes, with some film industry professionals taking it to the next level. In the end, it basically turns into a set in their front yard. As soon as Halloween is over the next holiday season begins that is Christmas. The lights go up on the house decorating them and lighting up the whole house ready for Christmas. This is one of the main reasons people want to move to places like Canoga Park and Woodland Hills.

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