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Yard Sales and organizing Tips from PackRat and Inside Moves

March 2, 2013

Check out our Yard Sale Tips!

Image of a board saying yard sale

Some of us are yardsale Kings and Queens, I need help with it. Here are some great tips.

Best one is don’t move trash, if you have the time sort, sort, sort and sort again, this will save you time and money when moving time occurs.

Yard Sale Mania! Tips to Have a Successful Sale

Friends,1-800-PACK-RAT says, “It’s time.”

Last night we stumbled over boxes stashed in the garage. This morning, we opened a closet and toys tumbled out. We can’t shut dresser drawers because we’ve got too many clothes. It’s time for a yard sale!

Yard sales are a great way to earn extra cash while de-cluttering your home and garage. You’ll be surprised at what people will buy, even if you think it’s junk. 1-800-PACK-RAT once witnessed a tug-of-war over an old ceramic frog wearing a knit hat, so don’t be afraid to put out those chia pets and potted plastic plants.

Here’s how you can have a successful sale that really moves your stuff:

1. Find out whether your neighborhood or local government has restrictions on yard and garage sales. You may need a permit.

2. Decide if you want to include other families in your sale. Bigger sales draw more potential customers.

3. Advertise with signs and flyers (again, check to make sure this is permitted in your area). Run an ad in your local paper, or on a free website like Yard Sale Search or GarageSaleHunter. Give the date, time, and location.

4. Have plenty of change on hand, both in coins and bills.

5. Tag or mark each item clearly. You’ll often sell more dishes, glasses, and cups if you offer them in sets.

6. Got extra produce from your garden? Arrange it attractively and offer it for sale, too.

7. String a clothesline to display clean, re-usable clothes and tablecloths.

8. Group small items on tables. Have an outlet available so shoppers can test appliances.

9. Be willing to negotiate. People love bargains.

We hope you end your sale with a stuffed cash box and an empty garage. But what if you don’t? Sometimes bad weather ruins your day, or a big game on TV lures you’re your customers. What if you’re stuck with your own ceramic frog??

Don’t lug all your stuff back inside. Call 1-800-PACK-RAT, and let us deliver one of our secure, weatherproof storage units to your doorstep. Pack it when you have time, then give us a call. We’ll come back to get it and store it for you it in one of our climate-controlled warehouses. Your belongings will be safe until you’re ready for to have another garage sale.

Remember: someday, somebody out there will want that frog!

                          Get Organized with Our Friend, Karl Champley

You may know Karl from the DIY network. He is an organizational expert and knows how to get things done. Not only is Karl’s new book (Same Place More Space: 50 projects to maximize every room in the house) coming out soon, he shared with us a few key organizational tips. 

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